Sunday, June 24, 2007

Packing Up and Moving Out

Oh the adventures of moving. Wow, you never realize how much stuff you can have in a small 800 sq. ft. 2-bedbroom apartment...until you start packing. We started packing for Vegas on Friday evening, and within 24 hours we could hardly walk across the floor as it was entirely covered in boxes. Things seem to expand as they come out of closets, drawers, and shelves...and you seem buried in your house only then to cram all of it into a tiny truck a few days later. It seems to defy all odds.

I've also realized that the concept of moving is a lot more exciting than actually moving. You spend the months prior to moving planning, and researching, and thinking...only to have the moving day actually come and you realize you are totally freaked out and as you drive all your entire belongings and earthly possessions in a 17-ft Uhaul truck across the country to a place where you don't know a soul. It's a little frightening when the reality hits.

Yes, I am a little scared...but the truth is, I am actually excited too. I'm not excited for moving in 110+ degree weather or paying double for rent and utilities, but the rest should be an adventure. It's true that I have NEVER actually seen or visited the place I'm going to spend the next year+ of my life in, so that is also a little disconcerning. What if everyone I trusted in Vegas was totally lying to me and the place is completely trashed. Or what if the pictures that I found online that I assumed were picture of a similar unit, are actually entirely wrong and not even close to what I've pictured. Or what if I'm actually right on the strip with the girls and the casinos and gambling and nasti-ness. Or what if my neighbor is as nightmare-ish as my current neighbors...singing at the top of their lungs with surround sound speakers at all hours of the day. Or what if for some reason Mike and I are not allowed to swim in our pool and we are both extremely hot and pale. Disasterous!

I guess we'll find out soon enough because regardless of all these potential disasters, in 4 days we will make our journey to Las Vegas, "sin city," and make it our new home.


Ryan & Brittany said...

moving is no fun, and it is amazing how much stuff there always is to pack up. good luck. i hope none of those disasterous things happen!!

Sharon said...

Well, since we have never really actually moved, I have no idea what it's like. And since you didn't want our help (!!!), we still won't know what it's like. I can hardly wait to hear about all your new adventures in "sin city". Good luck this week. We'll be thinking about you.

Angela and Mike said...

Sharon...that's true. I guess you really don't have much experience moving! I'm sure you know more than I do though. I think I'm going to have the military kid (moved every year of his life) in our complex help us know how to pack.

becca said...

Looks like you're doing great. Moving is the only time where I actually get TIRED of eating out. I would actually PREFER to cook something at home, but that becomes impossible.

I love the picture of the Vegas skyline on your blog now. Soon, one of those little specks of light will be yours (hopefully, not too close to the big, bright, neon ones.)

Hannah said...

I hear the move went great! Congrats. I miss you lots and can't wait to talk to you when I get back from Michigan. :) And, I hope you've figured out which light switches connect to which outlets :). ha ha. Just so you know, that is how most of our main rooms are. We just get some lamps and then turn them on with the light switches.

Love you love you!

jillf said...

What an adventure you are having! You are brave, capable, and resourceful! I am impressed. And to think you did it all without Andy and Jose. (I think I wouldn't be able to pack up our GARAGE in a 17 foot truck, let alone ALL of our belongings...I think I need to get rid of some stuff.) Best wishes in your new home. Much love.