Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vegas, we're here!

So, we made it safe and sound to Vegas--that is, if you call 116 degrees safe! Mike swears he doesn't feel the heat when he is golfing for 4 hours in the dead heat of the afternoon. However, he did ask me today if I thought it was unhealthy to be outside when it's that hot...I think it is.

I enjoy the diversity out here, even if that means getting hounded by non-mormons. I went to the pool today and started chatting with these people. When I mentioned I was from Utah, it started a whole conversation on "mormons". I was asked "so, why would you live in Utah? As a young you feel it is progressive at all there"? Uhhh, what is that supposed to mean? Like if I have values, I am not progressive? I just responded with, "I enjoyed living out there for a while, but I was ready to move out. I really enjoyed it there though, but there were more work opportunities outside of Utah."
Besides that, Vegas is pretty much what you think it'd be. Not only does everyone outside of Vegas talk about the heat, but everyone in Vegas does too. "Hi, how are you doing today"?...response..."It's so bleep bleepin hot" for which I respond "Yes, it is". You'd think after living here for 20 years, they wouldn't be so shocked at the heat. What temperature is it? 115? That is impossible! I've lived here for 20 years and it does that EVERY summer...yet I am in total unbelief at the heat! haha, oh well. I guess the weather is always a good topic of conversation.

Everyone I run into also does one of those, "Oh, you are new to Vegas. Make sure you stay away from the bad stuff" to which I reply "yeah, I don't think I'll have a problem with that" and then they all tell personal stories of people they know have gone bad to convince me to really not get in the bad stuff. I then assure them again that "yeah, I don't think I will have a problem with that." I don't think they believe me.

Well, life is fun and exciting here...and that's without visiting the strip. I think we'll keep it that way.

Tour of the house:

This is the view from our doorway...note the cool new entertainment center. You can't see it, but there is also a huge pinik spot where Mike spilled an entire can of salsa.

This is the spacious kitchen Our bedroom with a cute sleeping husband

Our cute little place :)


becca said...

ooooh, it looks WONDERFUL. You have curtains up in your kitchen already? You're already ahead of me. I love that window in your bedroom! And the entertainment center was the first thing I noticed in your family room. It is fabulous-- just the one I was picturing. I feel like gloating just a tad because I gave you the Basset catalog.

Your Vegas stories are great! I think the crowd out there is a little "bleepin" tougher than the Valencia crowd. Good thing you have Mike! Be careful; you are my little sister still, and it sounds like a crazy place.
Am I just like those people who keep telling the woes of bad, bad Vegas? Sorry!

Angela and Mike said...

haha, thanks Becca. I'll be careful. Actually, everyone we've met has been really the people at the DMV, Vegas Gas etc. Usually those people are totally mean, but here they have been nice! Maybe not as niceas Valencia though :)

Hannah said...

I can't believe it's that hot! And I agree, I wouldn't know how to respond to the "progressive" comment either...who knows! Just make sure you stay away from the "bad" stuff. ha ha. At least we know people are looking out for you out there.

Love you! The house looks beautiful! I'm going to have to call you soon because I'm in definite sister withdrawl.

jillf said...

I am reminded of a song from your dancin' days: "Steppin' to the Bad Side..." Can't you just hear that tune as you saunter down those evil ridden streets? Hopefully Mike can keep you on the straight and narrow.

Progressive? Who need progress? What's it ever brought us anyway? Sin, heartbreak, and HDTV.

I LOVE your place. I can't wait to visit. Jack says not to be surprised if he makes it out there sometime for a visit, too, with his travel benefits.

Your are AWESOME and I do not doubt you will soon be the start of a cultural revolution in your new town. Vegas will never know what hit 'em. Love y'all.

Williams Fam said...

HEy you guys!!>...I didn't know you all had a blog!! So fun, I'll have to check it out now!! Your house looks great!! Feel like havin' company any time soon!? Hehe~ How are you liking Vegas?? We hope you are doing well! Keep us updated!!