Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cinnamon rolls...or not?

Okay, so here's a word of advice for all you enrichment leaders in your ward...if you advertise putting on an enrichment activity simply titled "Cinnamon rolls", there better as HECK be a lot of cinnamon rolls involved. I mean, obviously an activity titled cinnamon rolls would probably involved people making, cooking and EATING cinnamon rolls. Right?

So, let me tell you about MY "Cinnamon roll" enrichment activity. I show up and there is a bowl of pre-made cinnamon rolls. So, I go over to grab one thinking, "wow, I didn't have to really work hard for this. Nice!" I look in the bowl and there are these small cinnamon rolls (which isn't a problem) but they are EACH cut in HALF. Yes, ladies and gentlement and whopping half of a small cinnamon roll. I then proceeded to sit in a chair and watch a lady explain a painstaking process of babying the yeast and buying and sewing cloth which the dough can then be rolled onto...I think I chatted in the back of the room the whole time (kinda felt like I was in beehives again. haha).
Meanwhile, I'm sitting there the whole time going, "Are you serious? It's called a bread machine! Put the ingredients in there and're practically done." right? One person asked, "so, how long do you plan on being home for making the cinnamon rolls," the lady doing the demonstration responded, "oh, pretty much all afternoon. Yes, I would stay home and be in my kitchen all afternoon."

The demonstration ended and I talked for a while hoping that more cinnamon rolls would come out, since I'd only had a half and I told my darling husband I would bring him home some. I ended up leaving, empty handed and with a less than full tummy.

Wow, maybe it's that I work from 8 to 5 and am TOTALLY not domestic. But, I'm pretty sure a young mother with little children ALSO wouldn't be able to sacrifice an entire afternoon making cinnamon rolls.

I think I'll stick with my bread machine cinnamon rolls, thank you very much.

NOTE: to all mothers who DO spend all afternoon making cinnamon rolls. I'm sure your rolls are a lot better than mine, so take pride in that. Sorry it took you all afternoon to make them.


becca said...

No way! Nuh-uh. That is ridiculous. Baby-ing the YEAST! How did you not crack up in the middle of her presentation? I am cracking up every time I read "baby-ing the yeast". Yup, still cracking up. Don't you love that feeling you get at some enrichments that's like, "I am 100% sure I will never EVER apply this in my life."
Still laughing.

Daniel said...

0.5 cinnamon rolls per person. That would make me kind of grumpy.

Hannah said...

Angie that's so funny! I would have expected loads of cinnamon rolls too! And, now that you mention it...cinnamon rolls sound really good! I might have to get out my bread machine today. I'd love a good bread machine recipe. Actually I might have one but I've never used it. ha ha!

And you are right...most mom's don't have an afternoon so spend making cinnamon rolls. And, you can rest assured that their kids would be grumpy to get just 1/2 a cinnamon roll. Not worth it!

jillf said...

Dad and Steven are camping with the Scouts for a couple of days, kayaking and spelunking. Wouldn't if be nice if I had some cinnamon rolls for them when they came home tomorrow? I wonder how many Weight Watchers points that would be? I read that cinnamon wards off depression. Emotional health is important.

Tell THAT to a woman who's been babying her yeast all afternoon.

It's so great to hear from you. How was "Sunbeams?" Bet that would make a good blog!

jillf said...

PS I liked your creative spelling of "Voila." Always the innovator.

McGiven Family.... said...

That is so funny! I can't believe they only gave you half of a cinammon roll. I would have been so mad. Well, they better get you onto the enrichment committee and you will quickly change the way things are done. I guess it is too late since the sunbeams already got you. Maybe next time they will give you a whole something!

Angela and Mike said...

haha, mom I didn't realze "Voila" was actually I word. I thought it was one of those like magic made up words or something. Whoops! haha. I love my sunbeams they are very cute. Next week the lesson is on "I can be obedient". We're going to play simon says so I'm excited.

Konfusion with a K said...

Okay first of all let me say that I would have been SO angry at the tiny portion of cinnamon roll. Fifth of all..."baby-ing"? Seriously? That woman sounds crazy lol. PS I love reading your blogs. They are so hilarious and it looks like you guys are having a blast :)

McGiven Family.... said...

Okay I am so sorry we had to cancel and don't be so mad when you see what we did that night. I promise Ryan really did have to work and he did and the rest was all really last minute later that afternoon. I feel so bad and Ryan said to me, "they are going to be so mad at you when they check our blog." But we really do want to have you over so I will call you as soon as I get back from Utah! Don't hate us!

The Holland Family said...

Angela, you make me laugh. I am on the enrichment committee and I like food. You would get more than just half a cinnamon roll if I were in charge - I always order too much food and we end up sending home lots of leftovers with people. You need to attend our enrichment - you will not go hungry. Final note...I do not cook homeade any rolls. I am a big fan of good local bakerys!