Friday, August 24, 2007

Stupid Machines

So, I've been so excited about posting about my CA trip last weekend. But, before I posted I needed to put my pictures on my computer. You can't post about a vacation without any pictures! So, last night I try and put the pictures on my computer and, for some unknown reason, it kept telling me that it couldn't format the F: drive. What?

This has been a week of frustrating machine experiences. Currently at work, my Internet is going in and out. Our computer magically decided to erase our itunes, and I've been trying to change people's email signatures at my office and add a picture...yet everyone's computers treat the pictures differently.

So, morale of the story is...I promise I will post soon, once I get control over my dumb machines.

Is there anything more frustrating?


Sharon said...

Yes, there is something more frustrating - not knowing how to use the stupid machines in the first place!! I love the picture of the HELP button.

McGiven Family.... said...

I am dying to see the pictures could you please HURRY and figure it out?!? Gahl how hard is it?!? Just kidding I wouldn't know what to do either. Love ya!

jillf said...

Sounds like you need to talk to Daddy or Steven. That's what I always do!

It was GREAT seeing you both in CA. Love you.

Hannah said...

"Good luck in college," ...just kidding! All machines do seem to do dumb things. Are you still trying to survive on the compaq laptop? I'll feel bad if it's what's giving you trouble! Maybe you should get something new?! Did you backup your itunes!? I wish I could be there to help!

Plus, I really want to see pics too!

Zach said...
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Brooke said...

Sorry, I had to delete my first comment, I was signed in as Zach on accident. Anyway, I am so excited to hear about your Cali vacation, I bet you had a great time! Hope everything is going well! We need to plan a trip down to Vegas to see you guys!