Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tag...I'm it

7 Random Things About Me

1. I hate it when Mike wastes money on Powerade and other drinks, but after we bring them home I drink them like crazy. Kinda silly.

2. I know more about the PGA tour and the golf players than the leaders of this country. Sad, I know.

3. For some reason the sun in Vegas isn't strong because even without sunscreen in the middle of the afternoon, I am not getting burned (or any color). Maybe my skin has stopped being able to tan?

4. When Brittany Spears was smaller and less crazy, and I was a little larger...people used to tell me we looked alike. I didn't think it was a compliment.

5. I liked eating food SO much more before I started cooking. It's like when I cook, I can taste each individual ingredient that goes into it...instead of enjoying the end result. (I especially now notice the little string fat things in the chicken...yuck, I can't stand those)

6. I love to run and don't love to drink water...meaning, I go almost the entire day without drinking at all. I think that is the reason I get cramps sometimes when I run.

7. I have about 4 TV shows everynight that I look forward to watching. Tonight, I have So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent, Flip That House and Fore Inventors Only. I have got to get a new hobby.

I tag Becca Cardon, Lynds Payzant, and Brittany Birnel (you do this in your blog)


McGiven Family.... said...

Those are really funny! Thanks for doing that, none of my other people have. I think it is kind of fun to learn something new!

Konfusion with a K said...

hey ang! send me your email over facebook so i can put you on the allowed readers list :)

i love your 7 things!! :) sorry you're not getting any color though! but just think about how white i am and you'll automatically feel better ;) haha.

those chicken strings ARE foul...

Williams Fam said...

You're awesome Angela- I love your random things!! They gave me a good laugh, especially cause I could just hear you saying them at the say time!!

Steven (With a V) said...
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jillf said...
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jillf said...

I enjoyed all the DEEP INSIGHTS into Angela's life.

I've decided those little chicken string things are just on the frozen chicken tenderloins, so I get the breasts instead....I HATE those little tendons, but didn't know anyone else noticed them. I think they're made of an indestructible material.

You were ALWAYS prettier than Brittney Spears. And apparently a lot happier.

Drink water! A friend of mine just got kidney stones and this is why. You can get those little flavor packets (sugar free, even) to put in your bottled at Target.

So are you saying you know more about golf than the leaders of the country know about golf? Have you asked them?

By the way, we've made cinnamon rolls two days in a row , in your honor. Only I didn't baby the yeast--I treated it rather harshly and hurt its feelings.

(NOTE: You may have noticed that there are two deleted comments before mine. That's because first I accidentally submitted the above comment from Steven's account, and it looked like the comment was from him, talking about chicken breasts, and you prettier than Brittney Spears, and it was just TOO WEIRD. So then I published a retraction...and then it was all too complicated, and Steven showed me how to delete comments. So SORRY, but it WAS funny while it lasted.)

becca said...

I gotta comment QUICK before mom takes any more of my EXACT thoughts.
1. Ditto! But I spend way more money on Stonyfield Farms Smoothies than he does on Gatorade, so I try to keep my mouth shut.
2. I bet the leaders of the country know a lot about golf, so you must be pretty knowledgeable.
3. Join the club!
4. So are you refering to the days where Brittany wore nothing more than sparkles?
5. hahaha. I used to hack my chicken to bits trying to salvage the string-less pieces. Now they go in whole.
6. I love to eat chocolate and don't love to run. Is that healthier?
7. Who's your fave so-you-think-you-can-dancer? I think Sabra ROCKS. I've even voted for her.

Keep checking back for my response on my blog . . .
and I laughed ridiculously that mom retracted those statements. I thought you were getting inappropriate comments that YOU had to delete, and I was a little worried.

Hannah said...

1. Sam comes home with things like cookie crisp, and instead of me loving it, Erica does and now I have a monster! ha ha

2. I don't know about either. It doesn't help that I don't have any TV channels!

3. Maybe you used up all your tanning genes in the last few years. ha ha jk

4. I actually loved her first CD

5. let's not talk about meat right now...especially chicken strings....

6. Maybe you should be happy when Mike comes home with Powerade, if it gets you to drink them!

7. like I said before...I have no TV! But I've kinda gotten used to it. Right now, my evening activity is reading Fellowship of the Ring (next was going to be Two Towers, but I need to reread Twilight and New Moon, so that I can read Eclipse...I never new how much I could LOVE a book about vampires)

Angela and Mike said...

haha, thanks guys for the comments.

Mom, i was a little worried about the retracted comments, but now it's just funny. I wish I could eat some of your cinnamon rolls!

becca, I look forward to reading yours on your blog

hannah, I don't know how I'd live without a TV! you are amazing