Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The lost necklace...

Is there anything more frustrating than losing something? I think not! Especially when I am usually a very responsible person and I don't normally lose things. Well, this weekend my luck turned for the worse.

I lost my diamond necklace that Mike gave me last year. Yeah, you heard me...my diamond necklace. It's all I can think about. I know I had it when I went to the BYU vs. Air Force game and can swear that I took it off that night at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Sunday when driving back I realized I wasn't wearing it. I called and left a message on my Aunt's phone telling her to check the bathroom, since I was very confident it was there. Last night I called her again and she said it wasn't there! I have no idea where else it could be, I am almost positive it is there in the carpet or something.

On top of that, Mike and I got a ticket for going 83 in a 75. This was an expensive trip!

I wish I could drive back to Utah just to look for it...

So if any of you see a beautiful necklace that looks like the picture above...let me know


Shayne said...

Michael (and Angela),

I just found your blog from Greg's. It is awesome you guys are in Vegas. Sorry I found you during the lost necklace saga, have you prayed about it? That is what my 8 year old, Parly, that Michael used to babysit (ok, his parents did most of the sitting) would tell you to do. I hope it works out.

Mikey, anytime you want to lose in golf and are in St George, give me a jingle. I am in the book. We have an open spot this Friday at Coral Canyon at 12:15. See you then?


Sharon said...

Angela, that is so sad about your necklace. Have your looked all over the car and in the your suitcase. Maybe it fell off and is in some really weird crevace (sp?) somewhere. I really hope you find it. Kind of puts a damper on the weekend.

birnels said...

Angela I am so sad for you. I hope you find it real soon.

Brooke said...

Angela! Oh no! How tragic! I hate losing things.

I remember you were wearing it on Friday night, it is a beautiful necklace! Hope you find it soon! Good luck!

Jill said...

Angie, I'm so sorry! I know you are so sad. I hope it gets found soon.

When Daddy was a missionary in Italy, he bought a cameo for his future bride (whom he hadn't met yet)...he presented it to me on our wedding night, and about 15 years later I lost it. I think it was fastened to some clothing that got sent to Goodwill. I was so sad. I just felt bereft, but I couldn't make it reappear. I was always looking for it. A few years later Daddy surprised me with another he bought on a business trip to Italy. It was different from the first one, but also very lovely.

I guess what I learned was that though the item was gone, the love that was behind it was still there.

Every time we're in Newport Beach I look out into the ocean to see if Matt's wedding ring washes ashore. Remember it came off in the ocean when Becca and Matt were just a couple of years into their marriage? I remember that Becca cried. They later got a new one, and their marriage seems to have lasted anyway!

I do hope it turns up, though. It sounds hopeful to me that it will. If not, we'll just have to picture it in some lovely place with my cameo and Matt's ring.

Hannah said...

Man, it looks like I'm the next person who should lose something, based on Mom's story...I hope not though!

Angie, I wish I could fly out to Utah to look for you too! But, maybe you'll just end up having to do what Becca did when Matt lost his ring: Eat some Chocolate!! That always seems to help. :)

Chanell Reichner said...

Hi Angela- I'm so sorry about the necklace. I called my mom and she looked again while we talked on the phone. I promise you that if it is there- she will find it. That house is cleaner than any other place. I hate losing things... I hope it turns up. It was fun to see you and Mike last weekend. I'm glad you are liking Vegas. -Chanell

Konfusion with a K said...

ang! no! i'm so sorry honey! i hope it's just burried in the carpet or something like that. good luck!!!!

Heather said...


I'll add you to my St. Anthony list for praying for the return of lost objects. I do hope you find it.

I do know what you are going through. My diamond necklace went astray last year at a Charity Ball I still am holding out hope it may return to me one day.

In my prayers,