Saturday, October 6, 2007 the grocery store

It's not every day that great talent gets discovered in a grocery, but today was not every day.

Here's the story:

I am always very reluctant to go to the grocery by myself...and especially at night. Well, tonight I confirmed why I maybe will never go to the grocery store by myself again.

It was 8:00 and so I decided it was safe for me to venture on my own to Smith's grocery store. While looking at the cute fall decoratations I found myself singing quietly, like I usually do. I was doing a kinda humming, singing thing. This is something I usually do, especially in elevators, walking in the parking lot and in stores when I don't see many people around me. Well, while I was singing to myself tonight, I apparently wasn't as alone as I thought. An older man walked up behing me and says, "Do you sing?" First of all, this is a funny question...everyone sings, and since I was just singing to myself, obviously I do sing.

"Kinda. Just for myself."

"Why, just yourself," he answers (His name is Dimitris. Of course it's Dimitris, what a name. REAL PICTURE ABOVE)

"Because I have a full time job..." I found myself justifying why I didn't have a career in music, "I used to sing in high school and college. But now I just do my job and sing for fun."

"I'm a composer," he says. (Dimitris...composer...of course, what a composer name)

Great...I'm thinking, "Why didn't Mike come with me tonight..."

"I've written an opera. You would be good in it," he continued. "You could be a good Princess Diana."

Here's the real kicker.

"You have the voice, and the looks. You look good. You look really good," he finished, eyeing my somewhat oddly.

"Oh, no you didn't," I'm thinking.

After giving me his business card and insisting on mine and not believing me that I didn't have one. We parted ways and I promised him I would look at his web site.

So, if next week I am somehow famous in Vegas in some know where I was discovered.

**Here is the link to the website he gave me Check it out! haha.


Hannah said...

No way! This is so funny...and you're right. It would only happen to you. Maybe you should just never be alone, ever! ha ha. It's hard to decide whether you should feel flattered or creeped out. Then again, you are in Vegas. What better place to get "discovered." Princess Diana, here we come!

"You look good. You look really good!"

McGiven Family.... said...

That is great! So I was totally going to call you today and invite you to the B-day party. I have been thinking about you guys lately. Anyway, if your friends are going to be gone by Sunday Geoff and Aleena are blessing the baby and you could come to that. I will call you with the details.

Sharon said...

That is hilarious.

The Holland Family! said...

Wow, only in Vegas!

Jill said...

First Joey meets the Wendy's guy, and now this! My children are surrounded by greatness!

Steven and I checked out the website and listened to all the parts in the play, "Visions." Don't settle for Diana. Her words are weird, and she has this very strange and desperate high note. Socrates sounded scary, and slightly blasphemous--you don't wanna be him, either. And Buddha just smacked of insincerity. Gandhi had by far the best lyrics. Go for Gandhi!

Brooke said...

Angela! Too funny! I hate going grocery shopping by myself too. What a creepy experience! haha

birnels said...

oooh I hate creepy old guys.

becca said...

He wrote an opera about Princess Diana??? Now, if he had offered you a part in "Clue: The Musical", then you might have considered quitting your day job. (See JJ&J if you haven't heard about Clue: The Musical). I think it is so hilarious how you can turn an average grocery store visit into a performance. haha! But, you're right -- take Mike along next time as a bodyguard. . . or your personal agent.

Konfusion with a K said...

hahaha oh composers...that's really funny. my friend brian is a composer but he doesn't stalk pretty people in grocery stores lol. sorry about your odd encounter...

Brian Blumer said...

You should introduce Dmitris to the dude on the motorcycle that flagged you down to ask you out while you were driving. They could fight over who saw you first...