Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CA trip

So, last weekend Mike and I took a road trip to CA to visit my mom, sister and baby that were in town visiting my other sister.

Once reaching my sister's house, Mike strapped on some basketball shoes and went to play in the ward bball game with my bro-in-law. Although Mike put up a good showing, including about half the team's points...they didn't pull out the W (win). After the game, guys from the other team asked him, "aren't you playing with BYU tomorrow vs. Long Beach." Mike's response was, "No, I graduated. Just church ball now." haha, how sad is that? Oh well, it was fun watching him play with our bro-in-law Matt (picture below after the game).

Saturday we played with the kids and I got to hang out with my mom and sisters! It was so fun spending time with them, I wish I lived closer :( . In the afternoon Mike, Matt and I went to the BYU vs. Long Beach game where we won by 40 points! Mike wished he could've gone in the game since there were a lot of wide open threes. That night we hung out some more with the family. My niece Megan loved putting on my necklaces and Erica had fun with the balloon. Sunday we got to see the primary program, which was awesome and hysterical. I was proud to see my two nephews singing every word of every song. (picture below of my mom with my two nieces doing "This Little Piggy)
So, now I'm back in Las Vegas. I'm excited for Thanksgiving next week and all our family that is coming into town. Yeah for holidays!


Brooke said...

Oh how fun! I love seeing family! You are so lucky! Your nieces are darling... seriously so cute! Are you guys having Thanksgiving in Vegas this year?

birnels said...

you guys go on all kinds of fun trips. Enjoy it!!!

Williams Fam said...

Alrighty, my little Rose bunch-how many times must we tell you?!!?!?....When you're in Cali, you have to come see us!! HEllo!?! No one is as important as us!....?

Jill said...

We like the arm-flex Mike and unshaven Matt. What a couple of macho men.

It was so great seeing you! Thanks for being such a great daughter/sister/aunt! We love you!

Hannah said...

I have really cute nieces! More pics to come on my blog soon. Promise!

I miss you already!!

becca said...

(sidenote: happily, Matt got a haircut shortly after that picture was taken)

You guys are so good to come visit whenever we need a little extra entertainment. You make everything so fun!

Love the piggy picture. :)