Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turkey and Basketball

So, like a good Rose family member...I celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday in the proper way...centered around basketball. BYU basketball came to Vegas for a tournament, so magically ALL the Roses ended up in Vegas for the long weekend. If Mike's not spending Thanksgiving playing for BYU...we might as well spend Thanksgiving watching BYU basketball.
We spent Thanksgiving day in St. George and enjoyed spending the day with our grandparents and cousins. The food was great!

The rest of the weekend we watched basketball including BYU BEATING #6 Louisville and almost beating #1 UNC. We also enjoyed watching BYU football beat Utah. Needless to say, the Roses were happy and cheerful from the wins, so I was grateful. Mike's parents stayed at our house and we had a blast!

Besides me having to yell at the BYU fan next to me who was screaming in my ear for the entire first half...I'd say it was a very successful break. I set up for Christmas this Monday at my house and Christmas is in the air! Even with our 1 1/2 ft tree, I still love our house :)

Hooray for holidays!
The boys chilling while the girls get dinner ready :)

Maybe...a little too much basketball? Mike's g'parents looks a little worn out.

Happy during halftime of the Louisville game. (the BYU fan to the side of me is the one that was SCREAMING non stop during the first half until I yelled, "that's it that's it. No more screaming...sorry!")

Coach Rose with Coach Roy Williams from UNC


birnels said...

sounds like a great weekend. i always love having visitors.

Hill Family said...

Rude! Sharon and Gordon come into town when I am not there! I am so glad that you guys had fun. Our Thanksgiving was much the same as yours...BYU

Jill said...

So...was the screaming BYU fan the guy on your right, or the cute redhead on your left?

That's a good looking bunch of Roses in those seats. No wonder BYU did so well with such a great fan base!

We missed you at Thanksgiving, but it was fun thinking of you having such a fun family gathering. Loved all the pix. GO BLUE!

Brooke said...

We spent our weekend watching all those games too! how fun! I bet having all the Roses in one place for Thanksgiving was so great! Your pictures are so cute and your hair is getting sooo long! BEAUTIFUL!

Sharon said...

Hey, Sarah, I think it's rude that you were not there when I was in town!! Hey, Ang, post some pictures of your Christmas decorations.

Hannah said...

Sounds like a great break! It's probably a lot less stressful "watching" basketball than it is "playing" basketball. :) We miss you ! And, I'm proud of you for yelling at that guy...some people don't notice that there are other people around.

How's the house coming? have they started building?

becca said...

It was a big week for Cougar fans, so I'm sure it was a COLOSSAL week for the Roses.

(Mom, I was TOTALLY going to write the same thing about the screaming fan next to Ang. How do you DO that???)