Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Here I go...

I've been tagged so here I go...this was actually pretty fun. (The above is just a random picture with no relation to the below information whatsoever)

10 years ago: I was 12 years old, wishing I was 14 so I could go to stake dances. I was in 7th grade at Franklin Middle School praticing for the school play Annie where I was an orphan. I was self conscious about my lack of curves (oh wait...I still don't have any :) ). I was running with my friend OUT of school and on to the school bus because a boy was going to ask me to a school dance! aghh... haha, poor guy.

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Get a new belt (I dunno) for my vaccum
2. Go running
3. Work stuff...normal stuff
4. Watch American Idol
5. Eat cereal for dinner...hey Mike's outa town...there's no point in making dinner!

I enjoy: Thinking about my new house, hanging out with my husband, watching The Office, going running, being goofy, talking, more talking, thinking about how cute my future kids are going to be (no, I'm not pregnant)

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: Move to a big house in San Diego (actually, I don't know where) have Mike pick a job that he would do just as a hobby, open a few food franchises, invest in property, save SAVE save, invest INVEST invest, build a lazy river around my house with a waterslide from my bedroom window (always been my dream), invest a way to eat chocolate ALL the time without gaining weight, visit ALL my family which is spread across the US :(, take a vacation to Hawaii (since I've never been) and get savings accounts for all my future children and grandchildren.

3 of my bad habits:
1. Picking at my peeling lips
2. Pulling off split ends at work
3. Checking the vision in both of my eyes multiple times a day by putting a hand over each eye (hey, my vision in my left eye keeps getting worse...I wanna watch it before I get the headaches)

5 places I have lived:
1. Herndon, VA
2. Oak Hill, VA (okay, okay this is ACTUALLY the same palce and #1, but they changed the name to sound rich-ier)
3. Provo, UT
4. More provo, UT
5. Las Vegas, NV

5 jobs that I have had:
1. Assistant/Receptionist at OB/GYN (dealt with a lot of happy and ready-to-get-this-baby-outa-me women. My fav was the woman who looked her husband after stepping on the scale and yelled, "sorry! Sorry that I'm standing next to little miss Brit Spears here!" (referring to me...this was before Brit self destructed)
2. Receptionist at Sutron (I read all the Harry Potter series and Ender's Game Series)
3. PR at For Ever Body candles (I would get headaches every day when they poured the cherry candles...the office was connected to the manufacturing place)
4. PR at Nu Skin Enterprises (awesome free products :) )
5. Marketing at Leavitt Insurance Agency

5 things people don't know about me:
1. My family is super obsessed with Star Wars
2. My eyes are two different colors
3. I used to make up dances to Backstreet Boys in my room
4. I am really good at decoding messages (that includes secret codes that my sister used to write to her friends with...I promised her I couldn't read it....but I could haha. Hey, I'm a little sister okay. We are "supposed to be annoying"--right Hannah?)
5. Mike has better fashion sense for me and picks out my new clothes

Alright, well...that's me! Hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak into the crazy, fun life of Angela. Of COURSE you did :)

I tag Celina. That's all.


Aaron and Celina said...

Haha love the outfit! Did mike pick that out for you? My friends and i used to make up dances to the backstreet boys too! i used to think nick was so hot! oh geez! i've enjoyed our "american idol" parties this week! good times :)

Sharon said...

I enjoyed this. It made me chuckle quite a few times. You are so funny. What are you wearing? I can't quite figure it out? Where is Mike?

Brooke said...

I love the picture! Cute PJs! What a fun post!

becca said...

You are one of my favorite people, for all the reasons you just outlined! I totally forgot about the Britney Spears comparison -- the poor, poor girl did self-destruct, didn't she.
Love you -- thanks for NOT self-destructing!

Konfusion with a K said...

Angela, my Darling friend -- what in the world are you wearing?!?! Haha, love it. Funny post. I knew your eyes are 2 different colors!

Hope all is well ;)

Hannah said...

I think you should become a billionaire because you have great ideas for what to do with the money. Do you remember Riley and I planning to have an underground lazy river connecting our houses? Lazy rivers are just the best! Maybe you got your idea for a lazy river because you were always de-coding my "secret" messages...annoying! ha ha JK. Love you tons!

Jill said...

If you were a billionaire, you could buy that new belt and buy all the cereal you could want! (and the water slide, of course.) So glad your husband has some fashion sense. Hopefully he'll keep you presentable. That was a great post. Love the leopard PJ's which I think I got for you . . . (and I love YOU!)

Cummards said...

I love reading these little things about people, so thanks for doing it! Plus thanks for including the awesome picture of yourself! Ha. Let us know if you guys come up for UNLV. We should all get together and do something one night! I hope you can make it out!