Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Rivalry That's Not Really A Rivalry

NOTE: We love the people here in Vegas and the people we work with...just not when it comes to BYU vs. UNLV

WARNING: This post contains the built up frustration of the past 7 months while living in Las Vegas and dealing with the BYU UNLV rivalry that is not really a rivalry.

BACKGROUND: Tonight is the BYU vs. UNLV game in Vegas. I am proudly wearing my BYU shirt at work today. I know I will get totally hounded because of it, but I have to represent. Let me explain.

So, when I moved to Las Vegas 7 months ago, I didn't realize the repercussions. I should've heeded the warnings that Mike was offered the job from a man who attended BYU Father & Son bball camp wearing all UNLV Rebel red gear. Sound a little obnoxious? Yes, it is...and I should've realized what it would mean for me and my future in Las Vegas.

So, here we are in Las Vegas...a great place with a lot of LDS people. This is good except for the fact that there is a SERIOUS division between the people that like BYU, and those you hate BYU (and therefore, like UNLV). People from Vegas feel mormons shouldn't just like BYU because they are mormon and that they need to support their local school...while BYU die hards support BYU because they went there or simply because they are mormon. According to non BYU people here, "People from BYU think they are better than everyone...their fans are so obnoxious, more than ANY other schools fans. BYU takes away your free agency..." and so forth. We (the accurate BYU folk) think it's dumb that they think that, especially because NONE of these UNLV fans actually went to UNLV OR have children that have gone there. IN FACT, they often even send their children to BYU. Sound a little hypcritical? I think so.

The fact that Mike played on the BYU bball team for 4 years has only hightened this "rivalry". They all say I should "cross over" to the UNLV side. Do they honestly think with my husband playing for BYU and me and my WHOLE family going to BYU, that'd I'd ever "cross over"? NO. Although there is an even number of mormons in Vegas that support UNLV and BYU, we happen to be in the UNLV office. Seriously, Mike and I are the ONLY BYU supporters. The rest are the hard core UNLV boosters even. It does not make for a good combination come basketball season. (Magically during football season, none of the UNLV people seem to care. Could it be because they don't win?)

I often tell UNLV people that it's funny that they care SO much about us BYU kids, because we really don't care about them...our rival is Utah and that's who we care about. That usually doesn't go over very well.

And so the rivalry that is not really a rivalry is explained. It is dumb and I don't like it. I always tell Mike that the main reason I would ever leave leave Las Vegas way down the road it would be because of the UNLV BYU fake rivalry.

So tonight, when I go watch my Cougars play the Rebels in the rivalry game that's not really a rivalry...I will be cheering my hardest! GO COUGS.

*At least if we lose I can just remember Mike dropping 8 of 10 threes on them last year. :)


Shayne said...

Amen and Hallelujah. Stand your ground guys. As a USU (1998) AND UNLV grad (2004) I can proudly say, Goooooooooooooooooooooooooo Coooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggas!!!!

lyndsey + brandon said...

lol you are so fired up, i love it. great job on the background of your post :) and your hair looks really cute.

Gregory said...

You tell 'em Ang! They GOTTA win tonight.

Steven (With a V) said...
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Jill said...

(Oops,I accidentally posted my comment with Steven's identity ....let's try again...)

Tell your friends, "Hey, it's a game, not a religion!!" Whatever happened to healthy good sportsmanship?

Go Cougars!!!!!

Runyon Family said...

Sorry...so sorry...BYU come here on saturday! Tell Mike hi for us...Chao!

The Holland Family! said...

Sorry the game didn't go our way! I feel the same way about Aggie fans...BYU could care less about them but they care SOOOO much about BYU. It is funny how that works. Hope you had fun at the game anyway!

Cummards said...

oh goodness, you are a true fan. After the game the other night, I don't know if I could have even cheered for them if Lee wasn't still playing! Luckily it was an ugly game for us, not like we played our best and still got demolished! We'll just get em at the Marriot Center! Living there I"m sure you must have the "RE-BELS" stuck in your head constantly...i'd die happy if I never heard that again!

Williams Fam said...

You guys are sooo stinkin' funny!! YEah Angela, you hair IS so cute! HOw do you get that look? I'd love to do that to my hair, but I have no clue how!!!