Friday, February 22, 2008

American Idol

Okay, so some people try to hide the fact that they watch American Idol. I am NOT one of those people. I make it NO secret that I love American Idol. Especially with the writer's strike, I've spent all year looking forward to the next season of AI (like I do every year). I like the initial try-outs, Hollywood, the top 24 and crowning the next AI. Some people hate how they draw out the shows to 2 hours and the kick-off show to 1 hour. I, on the other hand, would watch AI if it was on all night. And with Ti-vo...I really have no problem with the long shows and even look forward to it.

So now that you understand that I love AI, I will give you my personal opinions on this season thus far. Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think. All over, I think this season has a lot of exciting, likable and good singers. I definitely could kick off a few people, but overall I am excited about this season.

Can I also say...GO MORMONS. Seriously, it feels like Mormons are everywhere right now with Mitt's campaign (although now over). Now, Mormons are even all over AI. Represent!

My top 3 guys:
1. David Archuleta: Great voice, cute, likable, him

2. Michael Johns: Good stage presence, accent, I like his singing style, confident
3. David Cook and the other rockers: I would say it's a tie with him and the other rockers...they are solid and decent.
Favorite girls
I'm so confused about the's really a 6 way tie for me...but here I go.
1)Syesha: Beautiful, good singer...she's good.

2) Kady: She needs to stop acting like a snot, but I bet she can be really good...I like her potential
3) Carly: Good singer, but maybe no the most likable

4) Asia'h: She is super cute and bubbly, but she sounds like she is hoarse. I mean, have you heard her talk...she can barely get sound out!Random category:
Would be good but is WAY too much like Carrie Underwood. Hello, they look exactly the same!
Next guy to go:
1) Luke: Seriously IS THERE ANYONE IN THE WORLD that looks more like Orlando Bloom than this guy? Sorry, his singing doesn't cut it. He is SO quiet. I could hardly hear him!

2) Danny: Decent singer, but his feminine personality is not going to cut it...although it is kinda funny.

Next girl to go:

1)Amanda: I never have cared for the goth, trying to be hard just because stuff. Sorry girl.

So, that's it. Tell me what you guys think. Only 4 more days till American Idol again. haha.


Gregory said...

I am just happy that one of the two flamers was sent home yesterday.

becca said...

I am proud to call you sister.

I, too, hold my head high and say, "I love American Idol!" The only show that I skip is the results show, because it's all drawn-out and commercial-ridden. No TiVo at the C house. And, Lost is on Thursday night.
So, I'm still waiting to be blown away by the performances -- the kind that make me say, "I would pay to see him/her!"
By the way, Matt was really bummed to see Josiah go before the final 24.
Also, you are so right-on about Luke. I don't even listen to him sing, I just think of him as Legolas or Will Turner.

Sharon said...

I love Michael Johns. He is my very favorite. Danny makes me gag. He needs to be kicked off ASAP as far as I'm concerned. I cannot even bear to watch him at all. I didn't watch the girls night so I can't give an opinion about them yet.

Hey Ang, who is Kurt, I mean Keith?

Keith A. Runyon said...

Interesting comments by your friends Angie.

Yeah, we don't like the rocker chick with the skunk look either. Too harsh - not queer enough.

I like the pint-sized Asian a singer that is.

Lyssa & Jack Jack said...

I love AI! David is for sure my favorite so far, he's just so cute and you don't expect a voice like that to come out of someone so little! I do like the girl that looks like Carrie, she was way good. That Danny guy drives me insane... in the words of Mean Girls, "he's almost too gay to function"!

Balderson's said...

Angela, I love that you wrote that whole analysis!! I actually haven't watched any yet this season so that helped me get caught up!! So we keep playing phone tag too...we will actually talk soon!

Angela and Mike said...

Wow, thanks for the comments guys.

For Brian, I gave an intro of Keith in my "BYU" blog post just before go there for his introduction :)

For Becca,
Yes, I'm still waiting to be blown away by someone as well. David is the only one that's done that so far.

For everyone, I'm glad we agree that Danny needs to go.

Angela and Mike said...
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Angela and Mike said...

Whoops, I meant keith's intro is in the comments section of the BYU post...and I guess Sharon asked, not Brian :)

Jill said...

I think Mike or Angela would beat out any of the current competition. How about a couple's number--I'm still remembering your Christmas Eve production of "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

McGiven Family.... said...

My favorite is Ramiele. I think she is amazing and so stinkin' cute. I love her! I also think the kid from Utah is amazing! I think he will be around for a while, Simon loves him. I love AI, it is the best show ever!

Hannah said...

Wow, It's like I get to watch the show even though I can't! ha ha. That guy really does look like Orlando Bloom...crazy!

Fuller Family said...

I love your post! I couldn't agree more with what you said about each person. I guess we have more in common than just the name!! It was a lot of fun having you guys over. We will definitely have to do it more often. Especially when you live closer.

Josh said...

One correction... it is Tivo... one word. You can't misspell the greatest invention since the lightbulb and not get called on it.

Brooke said...

We love American Idol too! I totally agree with your top two boys! Not a huge fan of the rockers, but there always seems to be atleast one that makes it. I kinda wish the Mormon girl was a little better, but we'll see, worse singers have made it pretty far!

I'm happy to see you and Mike are still avid fans!

Konfusion with a K said...

haha well it's nice to have backup here Ang.... I actually happen to detest American Idol, but hey - to each their own. It's cool. It just hurts my ears and my soul for that matter, haha.

Hope all is well!! :)

Williams Fam said...

Okay, I must say that the girl that you think looks like Carrie Underwood totally looks more like Leanne Rhimes(sp?) don't ya think!?! HEehe!!

Angela and Mike said...

she does look like leanne rhimes

Runyon Family said...

We love American Idol too. We are addicted this season!

Janae' said...

Angela-Michael Johns is my guy and I'm sticking to him...even though he was a bit boring tonite. I like the gymnast guy tonnite.

man-I wish I could sing...lalalalalala


Aaron and Celina said...

I love David Archuleta!! I think he did so well tonight!

Brian Blumer said...

AI - wow, Angeler, I had no idea you had such affinity for Allen Iverson. Or is it Artificial Intelligence? I forget.

Brian Blumer said...

Haven't been watching at all, but thought I'd weigh in on the look-alikes (hopefully Keith will be ok with my word choice). Based solely on his photo, I'd say Luke looks like the lovechild of Hugh Jackman and Orlando Bloom. Ok, maybe not the lovechild. Maybe their brother. And, I don't know the dude's name, but hear the blond girly-guy is off the show, and I'm glad because he looked way too much like a girl I used to date. Too creepy for me.