Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday Fun in the Office

So, I don't know how people celebrate birthdays in your office...but in mine, they go ALL OUT. Since I've worked at Leavitt Insurance Agency, I have seen cubicles decorated in a Walmart theme, pink theme, Mexican theme, pirate theme, princess theme...and many other fun ideas. Sometimes, we even all join together to put on something during the day. Just a couple weeks ago, we put on a "funeral" for our friend who was turning 40 where everyone wore black and we actually held a service for him with eulogy and all.

Today was an exceptionally fun birthday day. Ken, an Account Executive, was turning his coworkers planned for us to do a MOVIE theme for this birthday. A bunch of us dressed up like movie characters and when he came into the office we had him walk down the red carpet to his cubicle decorated in movie stuff. He then had to guess which characters we were and from what movie. It was a fun day! We even got our star, Ken, to autograph pictures of himself for all of us to keep.

Here are pictures of a bunch of us dressed up...who do you think did the best job...?...the worst...?

I'm Sandy from Grease (YES, that is a "pink ladies" jacket that I'm wearing!)

Lenzi is Leah from Star Wars

Ryan is the kid from Holes

Roxann is Sandra Bullock from Miss Congeniality

Angela L is Keira Knightly from Pirates

Amber is the good Sandy from Grease

Michele is Indiana from Indiana Jones

JoAnn is from The Natural

Kerri is Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman

Stephanie is Trinity from The Matrix!


brittany said...

that is such a fun idea and great way to celebrate co-workers birthdays. you should tell us who the characters are and then we could guess which person is dressed up as that character! who are you?

brittany said...

i love the new pictures. where did you get a pink ladies jacket? i love yours and the holes guy in the orange jumpsuit! you guys must have so much fun at work. i love it.

lyndsey + brandon said...

lol PLEASE like it's any are totally the cutest one there!!! love it! and i miss your emails :(

Jill said...

Do you guys ever actually WORK?
Happy Birthday, Ken! You must be pretty great to engender such enthusiasm!

Balderson's said...

Ha ha how sounds like your office is a fun place to work! You look cute as the "bad" Sandy! ha ha

Hannah said...

What a fun office! Why didn't Mike dress up? I think you look pretty good yourself :).

becca said...

I echo mom, as always. Do you actually work? No matter! My favorite is the "Holes" guy, because I like how he's carrying around a gallon of water.

Does your office know that YOUR birthday is March 22? There, I just alerted them all! Take note, Leavitt crowd!

Brian Blumer said...

Did you have to sing anything about having chills that were multiplying?