Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Allergies...in Vegas?

(What's wrong with this picture? This young girl is suffering from allergies, BUT she is also surrounded by a beautiful field of flowers...for this to be accurate for me...this girl would need to be sneezing while surrounded by rocks, fake grass, and shrubs. hmmmm....make sense? I think not.)

I'm in Las Vegas, and I am suffering from ALLERGIES. Yes, allergies. I know you all are thinking, how do you have allergies when NOTHING grows in Las Vegas? Good question. I have been asking that same questions myself for the past couple weeks as I wake up every morning with red, dry, puffy eyes.

I lived inVirginia my whole life and never had problems with allergies. If you haven't been to VA, it is overwhelmingly green and filled with plants, flowers and all sorts of nightmares for allergy-prone humans. Vegas on the other hand has very few plants, flowers and trees and even sets restrictions for the amount of grass you are allowed to have in your yard (%40 in back yard, none in front and sides).

So, you can see why I have been so surprised to find my eyes all red and swollen for the past 2 weeks. I even had a kind co worker tell me,

"What's wrong with your eyes...it lookes like you are high."

To which I relplied,

"Shouldn't you be saying, 'Angela, what a beautiful outfit. You looks so cute today!"

haha. Oh well. If any of you have contacts and have suffered from allergies, you KNOW what I'm talk about. My dry eyes make it so my contacts dry out, which in turn causes them to fog up when I don't blink every 2 seconds. I then sit there and ajust my contacts and roll my eyes around to get the moisture, but then I get a headache from all the eye movement.

I am seriously considering laser eye surgery!

(*I move into my house in one week! No, I still haven't packed yet :) )


Konfusion with a K said...

Girl I totally feel ya on the allergy nightmare! Today hasn't been too bad actually but I'm sure the worst is just around the corner!!! Go buy some tylenol sinus headache...stuff.

Get packin!!!!

Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

You know what? I think it must have something to do with the dry weather! Greg only had allergies in Utah (never before) and once we moved to Oregon, he's hardly had a problem. Weird! My roommate Sara was the same way. Never in St. Louis, but she always in Utah.

Aaron and Celina said...

I'm sorry! I have never had allergies before but I can imagine that it's not fun. Aaron gets allergies really bad too. Having dry eyes while wearing contacts is the worst!

Justin & Kitara said...

Sorry to hear about the allergies! I have contacts and I understand! I got a prescription eye drop called Optivar and I love it! I was to the point where I looked like I had pink eye and this cleared it up in less than a minute! It's highly recommended!

Hannah said...

I'm so sorry you've been having allergies! I wonder what it is...maybe there is some microscopic hay in the air :).

Maybe take a few days break from contacts and wear your glasses.

I'm so excited for your new house! Are you taking the day off to move and stuff?

brittany said...

that is so funny, just the other night Ryan was sure he had allergies all the sudden too, Bend isn't as dry as Vegas, but it is high dessert. There must be something in the dry air.

Cummards said...

That is so weird...maybe it is a certain plant that grows their?! But I think you should highly consider lasik eye surgery! Lee got it and LOVES it, along with my dad and brother. I am so jealous and can't wait untill I can get it. Alergies is just another great reason to do it!

I can't wait to see pics of the house!! How exciting, and good luck moving!

The Holland Family! said...

Allergies are not fun! Good luck finding a cure...looks like you need to move back to UTAH! That would just solve all of your problems...yeah right!

Jill said...

My poor girl! There must be some desert flower wreakng havoc on your immune system. You look cute in glasses, and the eyedrops and allergy meds sound like a good idea. Maybe it will be a short allergy season, and this will soon fade from your memory. I hope you feel better soon.

Runyon Family said...

You have to love allergy season in Las Vegas…YEAH RIGHT. All growing up and living there I could guess the month/week I knew my allergies would kick in and I would then have sinus infection, throat infection and ear infection. All at the same time. An allergy shot and Claritin works wonders! I hope you get feeling better. I am so anxious for you guys to move into your new house!

Brooke said...

How ironic that you could spend 18 years in VA and never get allergies but in the desert of Vegas you get them! You poor thing. That stinks! Hopefully the allergy season is shorter there... here's to hoping!

Jill said...

I did have one mom-type idea. Try a humidifier at night. Perhaps the dry air is an aggravant.

Tyson and Heather said...

Hey guys! Fun to see you on here. Love your new home--so fun!
xo Heather and Tyson