Friday, May 16, 2008

If at first you don't succeed...

(Pictured above: dough in trash can)

If at first you don't succeed...try, try again.

It all started when Mike and I had a bad day on Monday. To improve our moods, Mike decided me making a new recipe of cinnamon rolls would do the trick and help cheer us up. A few weeks ago, Mike made sure I got the recipe for these amazing cinnamon rolls we had at work. I already had a recipe, but I figured I would try out this new one.

TRY #1:
So, at 8 Mike and I head out to the store, buy all the necessary ingredients and come home. As I'm putting the ingredients together I came to the "add vanilla pudding" step. It was NO WHERE to be found even though I KNOW I put it in the cart in the store. It was already late, so we didn't want to go out to the store again. I poured the half put together mixture down the drain and decided to attempt them again tomorrow. I have to mention that a disappointed Mike is the saddest thing ever.

TRY #2: During my lunch break I bought a couple packs of pudding mix (just to be safe). When I got home from work I put all the ingredients together in the bread machine. I was feeling pretty smug because instead of slaving away at kneading the dough all evening, my bread machine was going to do it all for me. However, the recipe was large and I worried about the ingredients overflowing. As I start the bread machine, I notice all the ingredients toppling over the edge of the bowl. I open the top and try to cup my hands around the bowl so to keep the majority inside. My attempts failed as clumps of semi-mixed dough collapsed over the edges.

"At least when it turns into dough, it'll stop pouring over," I told myself. But it DIDN'T ever turn in to dough. It was WAY too dry. I frantically added water, wondering why it was SO dry. I re-read the recipe only to notice that had I been making it by hand, I would've added the 2 CUPS of milk to the vanilla pudding mixture. Since I only added the list of ingredients in the main section, I missed this VITAL ingredient all together!

I took my dry flaky sorry excuse for dough and dumped it in the garbage.

TRY: 3
Now I was DETERMINED. Ticked off, almost ready to cry yet laughing at the stupidity of the situation. But I HAD to succeed because my husband's happiness was depending on it. I cut the recipe in half, remembered the milk...and tried again. Then I realized it! This recipe was almost the EXACT same recipe I'd been using for the past 3 years. When I halved it, that's when I realized it. The ONLY difference in the whole thing (filling, topping and all) was 1 cup difference in flour.

ALL THIS WORK FOR THE SAME RECIPE. I called my sister Becca cracking up.

Needless to say, the rolls turned out great. Better than ever actually. Mike was so giddy that he gave out a yell "alright!" when he tasted the first one.

Within 24 hours, all cinnamon rolls were gone. We didn't share them with everyone. I only had 4. You do the math for how many Mike ate...


Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

That is so awesome! You really are determined! I would have definitely given up after atempt number one and made snickerdoodles instead.

I went through a similar thing last Christmas. I was determined to find the PERFECT cinnamon roll recipe. I made them every night for about a week (greg was in heaven). I finally found one I LOVE, and that is my new Christmas cinnamon roll recipe. Heres the link if you are up for another attempt:

Seriously they are fantastic. I wish you guys had posted a final picture of the rolls after all that work!

Sharon said...

Wow, persistent!! That is hilarious. I'm sad if you found a recipe for cinnamon rolls better than mine!!! Oh well, maybe I'll have to get this recipe from you.

becca said...

Ang, I am so glad this story had a happy ending! I love that you included Mike's reaction to the finished product. Was it all worth it?
By the way, I'm totally making cinnamon rolls this week. I'll call you for moral support.

AmyR said...

I haven't seen a recipe with pudding in in. Will you post it or email it to me? I am a sucker for anything bakery-ish.

Hannah said...

So funny! I'm glad you finally got it right. :) I want some! At least you didn't have kids hanging on you feeling neglected when you made your messups. I always get so frustrated when I have to go through all the effort of keeping kids happy while I'm cooking, and it still goes wrong...lame!

I think I need your recipe too!!

Jill said...

Wow, sounds like the stuff of an inspirational talk or lesson on persistance. I'm impressed, and glad your sense of humor prevailed. Congrats on your superb culinary achievement! Good thing you have such a lovely kitchen, since you obviously spent a LOT of time there this week!

Anderson's said...

I love cinnamon rolls. Can I have your recipe?

we are renting a place in SUmmerlin, where do you guys live? we should totally get together.

Brooke said...

I am impressed! I really think I would have given up after one try and bought frozen ones or something. I've never made cinnamon rolls before, but when I do I will most definitely call you first for tips!

Konfusion with a K said...

Kudos to you chica! I would have totally given up -- and probably would have chucked the mixing bowl across the kitchen... haha. I'm glad you stuck with it! :)