Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Updates on baby, trips and life

I've been keeping busy the past few weeks. Here are some of the highlights.
FIRST, and most importantly...the baby is doing well and I am 11 weeks along. I had an appointment yesterday and got to see the little (4 cm long) squirt move it's little hand up and down by its face. I think it was waving to me :) Also, starting 1 week ago (at 10 weeks) I have stopped feeling sick (mostly). Wow. Seriously, not being nauseous is the BEST. I have even started having food dreams. Yes, let the crazy pregnancy dreams begin. My favorite one included everyone in my office bringing me cupcakes and giant cookies because they thought it was my birthday! Heck yeah. Once they found out it wasn't my bday, they started eating all of them. I wasn't happy.

Breaking Dawn. This brings me on to my next topic...Breaking Dawn...which is slightly confusing for me to ready since I keep confusing things in the book with my life. If you have read the book, then you can see the similarities from the first half. haha. I keep waking up and telling myself, "okay, no I'm not married to a vampire."

Rose Family Reunion. In Oakley, UT near Park City at an awesome cabin. We had so much fun with the cowboy theme and enjoyed seeing family. Below is a picture of me after riding in Mike's dust on the ATVs.

This is a pic of Mike on the 5th story roof where there's a hottub!
CA trip. Last weekend Mike and I went to Valencia and Newport to visit my sister and her darling family (today is her due date...c'mon baby!). We had a beach day on Saturday, which was very needed. The waves we were awesome and so were my body boarding and body surfing skills. So much fun.


Hannah said...

Angie! I am so glad you are feeling so much better!! Pretty soon, you'll start forgetting what it felt like to be sick...amazingly enough.

Can I have some of your giant cupcakes and cookies??? mmmm...

Can't wait to read Breaking Dawn, but I have a few other library books I need to finish first since they are due soon. Have you read The Princess Academy or The Goose Girl yet? I promise you would LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are by Shannon Hale.

So jealous you got to go to CA, but I guess it's only fair since I get to see mom all the time. And I echo the "C'mon baby!"

Love love you!

lyndsey + brandon said...

wow, excellent recap. i especially love the picture of your dirty face :) so glad you're feeling better...except those dreams sound totally weird. that baby is doing weird things to you!

The Holland Family! said...

So glad that you are feeling better - lucky dog! I am always sick for a lot longer! I am almost finshed with Breaking Dawn, LOVE IT! Thanks for the update! I am glad the Rose fam is doing well.

Sharon said...

Ang, are those just random people reading Breaking Dawn or do you know them? I'm trying to figure out who they are. I'm glad you are starting to feel better. I guess my card was a little late!! Love the picture with the dirt all over your face.

Jill said...

Sharon, that's me, the old lady in the hat....and that's Angie's cousin Jennifer. We were all in CA together, and reading the same book. Funny!

It was great to see you and Mike in CA. So glad you had your nice Rose family reunion, too. You have fun everywhere...but you also make things fun for everyone else! We miss you already!

The dusty trail make-up is a good look for you.

No baby here in CA yet...but we did manage to have a family bout with the stomach flu yesterday on Becca's due date. Luckily only Matt and Megan. Becca seems fine, and everyone is better today.