Friday, September 5, 2008

Cheese anyone?

This labor day weekend, Mike and I and the whole Rose clan gathered in Wisconsin. Why Wisconsin you ask? Well, Mike's brother just started school at Wisconsin (getting his MBA) and Mike's little brother got home from a mission so we thought it was a great excuse to get together.
It's true what people think about Wisconsin. Cheese. But added to that list is also Frozen Custard, Bratts and beer. The cheese and Bratts were pretty good, but the beer was average. JUST KIDDING (we didn't drink beer). Yes, pretty much a guaranteed disaster to your waistline :). Mike and I were pleasantly surprised with how pretty it was and enjoyed looking at all the pretty lakes.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

1)Trip to see some pretty gardens
2)The mustard museum: Yes folks, who ever knew such a wonderful place existed. Now, if I only liked mustard.... (I have a cold in the below pic, gimmie a break!)
3) Food :) Dinner at Outback...well, I ate dinner while Mike picked up pine cones with 2 year old Jackson outside the restaurant since Jackson wasn't so into sitting :)
4)Playing games with the fam

5)Holding 2 month old Bennett...well I kept trying to hold him, but Mike kept on stealing him away from me
6) A jazz music lesson from return missionary, and drum extraordinaire, Jordan Rose

We had a blast! Thanks Greg and Heidi for letting us come visit! We miss you guys.


Jill said...

I loved all the pictures! Especially devoted and cute Uncle Mike. Congratulations and welcome home to Jordan! Best of luck to Greg and Heidi in their new adventure.

Chelsea said...

Wisconsin is almost as good as Minnesota, but not quite. Im glad you enjoyed the great midwest!

Aileen Taylor said...

...In case you can't make up your mind, there are also Beer Brats and Cheese Brats too! We like to offer variety in the Midwest. :)

Hannah said...

I love Mike hogging the baby! Good thing he gets to be a daddy soon!

becca said...

Can you define Brat, please? Is it like a hot dog?

Loved the pictures!

Tyson and Heather said...

Fun, I love mustard--woulda stayed there all day eating it!