Friday, November 14, 2008


Seriously...buying a stroller shouldn't be this difficult. These are all the different issues I'm having finding the perfect stroller:

1) I want a running stroller, but I also want a stroller I could use for normal things

2) Running strollers usually have a front wheel that is locked, making it impossible for easy maneuvering for "normal things"

3) If you get the running stroller with the swivel front wheel option, you can do "normal things" but it costs tons more

4) Running strollers overall cost a lot more than normal strollers

5) Why would they have "jogging strollers" that people in the reviews say they "aren't meant for jogging, but more for walks"

6) If I get a nice stroller now, what do I do once I have another child. ..Just leave the older one at home?

7) Do I buy a double stroller now so I won't just have to buy another one in a few years?

8) What if my child hates running with me and this is all just a waste of money...

Any suggestions for good front swivel wheel jogging strollers under $250? Brand names?


Amanda J said...

We bought a used stroller for our first one and it worked perfect for us. The only other thing you could do is ask that instead of people buying you clothes and things for your baby shower, ask them to contribute to the stroller you want to buy. For what it's worth I've used my regular double stroller for jogging and it's worked perfect for me.

Amanda J said...

And we've always used Graco. Generally very durable.

Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

Well here is what we did. We got a travel system (non jogging) with the carseat that transfers from car to stroller. LOVED it (especially for long trips transferring from stroller to car, baby could stay asleep). But of course not good for jogging. Then we got an umbrella stroller when he got a little bigger and I didn't want to lug around the big travel system if he was to big for the carseat anyway. Does that make sense? And then we bought a double stroller when Bennet was born. So yes that is three strollers. But you could just stick with a regular stroller and put the extra money towards a treadmill.

My sister in law is a big runner and they have 3 kids. She runs every morning using this type of stroller:

Apparently costco also sells a similar item called a kidarooz stroller/bike trailer/jogger that fits 2 kids and it's about $179. I thought it was pretty neat and she absolutely LOVES it. Good luck!

Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

By the way I definitely think you should go craigslist or garage sale for a stroller. Most people only use it for 1 kid and they are usually in very nice condition.

Brooke said...

I agree, used is the way to go. I love, love, love my jogging stroller. It is pretty expensive new (my dad bought it for us) but I see them in the classifieds all the time. The brand I have is BOB (Baby On Board). It has the wheel that can be locked or swivel. At first we got one that had the locked wheel, but it was just not practical. We seriously LOVE it!

Like Heidi, we got the travel system with our car seat and we love that stroller too. It was especially great for when the baby was asleep in the car seat and we could just transfer him to the stroller no problem. I still take that stroller on errands just in case.

Good luck!

Hey, I can't wait to see you guys next week!

becca said...

Okay, older sister here. You will always need a single stroller, so don't go double yet. There's plenty of time for that. Here's something to consider:
The travel system is great, but a little extensive. You can get a cheap little stroller FRAME that your very own carseat fits into. Great while the baby's tiny. They aren't supposed to go into the jogging stroller until they're a little older anyway, right?
Invest in an awesome jogging stroller. You'll use it all the time, and you actually jog. You don't walk. Finally, add a cheapy umbrella stroller to the mix, and you're set for all occasions!

Frame (Snap & Go, from Baby Trend, $50) or travel system ($180)
Awesome jogging stroller
umbrella stroller ($20)

Renee said...

This is why I have three strollers to my name - I am trying to talk Tyler into buying another before baby #4. I hate my double jogger because the front wheel doesn't move. It is hard to collapse and does not fit in any trunk that is not huge! Single joggers are great but make sure you get one that is easy to collapse and doesn't take up a ton of space. You will likely just have to bite the bullet later and buy a double jogger...good luck! Or just get the regular old stroller and leave Mike home with the baby while you get five minutes of peace! Are I so helpful??? :)

andrea.roche said...

Angela -
We are gettinga travel system (new) and I found an almost brand new jogging stroller on craigs list for $25. Check that option out before u spend the dough. Also....pretty soon you'll be trading it all in for a double stroller. haha.

Jill said...

Choices, choices. It's worse than being in the cereal aisle of the grocery store. You young'ns have so many new-fangled gadgets.

Ha, ha. Just teasing you and trying to sound like an old person. Wait, I AM an old person.

brittany said...

i know it's hard to do, especially with your first baby, but craig's list and ebay are great places to find barely used strollers for a whole lot cheaper. You could probably find exactly what you wanted and save yourself a lot of money.

Since the girls were born we have had multiple strollers, the graco traveling system, multiple umbrella strollers, baby jogger, and now a burley bike trailer that has conversion kits. I will honestly tell you, we use an umbrella stroller more than anything else, the other ones are too big and hard to haul around, so if I were you, I'd buy the stoller you want for jogging and once the baby is a little older you can use the umbrella for most outings etc.

McKay and Lindsay said...

Sorry I can't help with the stroller thing. I just go running by myself :) I was thinking of you last night at the BYU basketball game! Good thing they pulled out a win against Long Beach State! Cummard looked great but the rest of the team was a bit slow. Tavernari shot way too much :) Sam Burgess sat behind us but he has no idea who I am so I didn't say anything. Hope you are doing good!

Heather and Billy said...

Go to Children's Orchard on Ann & Rainbow. Keep an eye out there. And Craigslist. You have plenty of time to watch for that killer deal. I think that having a combo that you can use with a car seat is great when they are really little. I think that you won't want to go running with a very little baby (or that you won't be able to because of size restrictions). We have one (graco quattro tour) we will no longer need but the front wheel has finally fallen off (after 4 kids) and needs to be duct taped on or something. Yah, I think Heidi pretty much has the right idea.
Wanna know how many strollers we have?
1. Travel system stroller
2. Smaller regular stroller
3. Umbrella stroller
4. Graco double stroller
5. Double jogging stroller
and I feel like I'm missing one.
That's right. 4 kids. 5 strollers. Only 1 uses one.

ChanellR said...

We have quite the collection of strollers ourselves- you should call Brooke & G. They just did all of this stroller research themselves and were very happy with whatever they got. Can't remember. Good Luck.

Cummards said...

I LOVE my stroller. But I would say that you get a stroller you can jog with, and then an umbrella stroller if you dont want to lug a huge stroller into a store, or for just a quick errand. I really like my regular stroller and umbrella stroller.

Chelsea said...

Im sorry I cannot be of much help when it comes to strollers, but I can answer your camera question. We have the Canon Rebel XTi. I think (not positive) that its 10.1 megapixels. Burke also uses some technical lenses. Obviously he's in charge of it, and I am close to clueless.

Karen and Kevin said...

every moms gotta chime in on the stroller wars. I got a phil and ted double stroller off ebay for a fraction of the price when zach was born. the new Vibe is amazing! But get it on ebay or its a ludicrous price. Even though its a little pricey, I WISH I had bought it when I had my first kid instead of wasting money on countless other strollers. Its a single jogging stroller, and you can buy the "double" attachment once you have another baby. Then once the bigger kid grows out of it you can go back to a single for the little one, so you dont have to lug around a big double stroller when you dont need it. swivel or lock front wheel. I dont take it running, but you could. Its considered "jogging" but not for serious runners. if you want a serious running stroller go BOB. My two cents :)

Karen and Kevin said...

oh and p.s. when he's itty bitty and in the car seat get the snap and go, used on craigs list for like 30 bucks!

Jana said...

hi angela! i just found your blog through your facebook and i wanted to say congrats on the baby boy! by the way, i have no idea what a good kind of stoller is. BUT, my aunt said she bought an amazing stroller on craigslist from a lady that only had one kid and hardly ever used it. something to think about!

p.s. i LOVE the name you picked out!

Hannah said...

You know my input...I like Becca's plan. The travel system is only helpful for the first few months, and the stroller without the carseat is always bigger/bulkier than I would use on a regular basis. So, a frame that carries the carseat would work well.

Happy hunting! And, don't feel bad if you need to change it down the road. I sold my single jogger when I got my double jogger...craigslist is the best!

Baldersons said...

I have a lot of friends who love the BOB jogging stroller. I'm sure you will end up with a smaller umberella too they are just so convenient...just go with whatever you feel is best!

Ashby said...

We just got a Phil & Ted's in August and although it's not under $250, it is worth EVERY PENNY. You can lock the front wheel, or set it to swivel, and it rides like a dream. Plus, once #2 comes along you just buy the attachment and {bam!} you have a double stroller without spending another $300. My only complaint is the size, it's not small like my Maclaren, but I consider that my umbrella stroller.

(How's that for another random comment? LOL! BTW, I need your email address again.....)