Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Results are in...(drum roll)

And the winner is...
IT'S A DEAD TIE (seriously, no joke)!

Excluding comments from the author and duplicate comments by the commenters, we both had exactly 17.

Including duplicate comments from commenters:
Angela-25 (Thanks Renee for the 7 comments :) ) Check Spelling

Overall comments:
Mike-33 (since people kept asking him ball questions and he wanted to answer them)

But, I say I win since (as Kara said in my comments) I'm pregnant so I'm allowed to just do things like that.

Favorite moment: Ryan attemps to give blind guy a high five!

A guy that was almost fully blind made it through to Hollywood. While showing his golden ticket Ryan Seacrest attempts to give him a high five, only to remember that he is BLIND and says (while he's left hangin') "I was giving you a high five right there"

Mike and I had to rewind that about 5 times and I'm pretty sure Colton was so confused at all the tummy tightening from the laughing.


B and C said...

Sorry, I was planning on leaving you a comment on your last post but I forgot! If you'd like to count me as a comment then you're definitely the winner.

andrea.roche said...

Oh my goodness....we were dying at the same thing...and Ryan totally tried to cover it up. PS do u guys hate the new judge as much as we do?

Hannah said...

Man, I missed the contest all together. Some sister I am!! How fun that Mike gets to blog now!!

Jill said...

OK, I'm empathizing with Ryan. I had a blind friend in BYU who was waiting for her tutor to come into a study center. She asked me if the tutor had arrived... Since I didn't know who I was looking for, I asked, "What color is her hair?" and my friend said, "I don't know." Boy, I felt stupid but she thought it was hilarious.

Jill said...

To comment on the new judge....she seems like someone who's trying real hard to get on "American Idol."

Jordan said...

That's almost as funny as me driving my blind friend somewhere and coming to a place where you have to turn right or left because the road ends and you can't go straight... then I ask him which way to turn and he says "go straight"...

becca said...

I totally missed out on the blog war. But, you get extra points because Megan is here beside me and she kissed your picture on the computer screen twice.