Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Uh oh

Disclaimer: I know that doctors can predict wrong...but still...wouldn't YOU be nervous?

Is it possible I am going to have a monster child? YES

At my doctors appt today I had a baby growth ultrasound. He was measuring at 7 lbs 14 oz...this is not his PROJECTED weight for delivery, this is his projected weight TODAY. (he consistently has been measuring big throughout pregnancy)

I still have almost 4 weeks left.

This would put my child at almost 10 lbs at delivery. Ughh...no thank you.

My doctor says that I shouldn't see my due date. I hope not! Where in the WORLD is this kid fitting in me?


Gregory said...


If it is of any comfort, without personal experience of course, I believe that birth is painful regardless of 6 lb, 8 lb, or 15 lb.

I don't know if there is worse pain due to size, because it's just all pain.

Yes, I believe that is true and hope that is of great help to you. So fear not, once you reach a 10 on the scale there is nowhere else to go.

Or better said, once the epidural kicks in you won't feel too much anyway!

Gregory said...

Good luck by the way. I'm sure you will deliver just fine and he will be a beautiful healthy boy. It is obviously difficult but such an amazing experience.

Can't wait to read the story and see pictures. Hang in there.

Angela and Mike said...

haha, yes greg, maybe the pain isn't different...but my kid DOES run the risk of NOT fitting outside of me and thus a C section. I don't want one of those :)

Brooke said...

C-sections aren't so bad. And don't worry, my doctors all said Ryan was going to be a giant baby. They said it all throughout my pregnancy actually, and he ended up being only 7lbs. 3oz. It wasn't until AFTER he was out of me that he became a chunk! :) I am so excited for you Angela! It is getting so close! I can't wait to finally meet little Colton.

...and hang in there, you are almost done being pregnant!

Shaneshia Phill said...

OK WOW!!!! That is a bit of a nightmare...at least it would be for me! I say, Epidural all the way!!!

Sticks said...

Just a personal note. When I was getting close to Hadley's due date, the doctors took an ultrasound and said she was measuring big too and that I was looking at a 13 lb. baby by due date. I got all worried, but it turned out they were wrong and she ended up coming in at 7 lbs. 5.3 oz. Hope that comforts you a little. Sometimes they are wrong.

Renee said...

More often than not they are way off, but maybe you will have a huge baby! You will be just fine. Pain meds are necessary and really, c-sections aren't that bad! Look at the bright side, maybe he will induce you early and you can have that sweet baby in your arms sooner than you thought! Keep us posted!

Jill said...

How can such a tiny cute tummy have such a big baby in it? OK, not tiny, but certainly on the smallish side for 8 mo.!

Becca's best delivery was 9 pound Seth, by the way.

andrea.roche said...

don't worry. seriously. They projected Treyson weighing quite a bit more than he actually did and they were wrong.

and to reassure u more, you'll prob tear either way - 4 lbs or 10 lbs. :)

and honestly, it WASNT that bad...Just be sure they are clear u want your epidural quick.

Hannah said...

Yeah, you know how I feel about those projections...Oh, and I ALWAYS measure big at the end. It's like my tummy starts exploading. With Erica I was early, but with Aaron I wasn't. Just don't try to project anything, and don't let them stress you out with the "big baby" lecture. I've heard stories again and again of people who induce like 2 weeks early because they're worried the baby it going to be huge, and it ends up being small. He'll be just perfect!

Hannah said...

Oh, and it is actually very rare that a baby is "too big" to be delivered. Most of the time, it's just that the baby is positioned poorly and can't seem to move into the right position. There are also countless stories about people who were told the baby was too big, but then a few years later they deliver a BIGGER baby...so again, don't stress out. :)

Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

Jackson was ten days overdue and the nurses kept saying "you've got to get induced now!, he gains a pound for every week you go over" He weighed 7 lbs 4 oz.

I was induced 4 days early with Bennett and he was 8 lbs even, so it's all relative! As long as the baby is healthy, I wouldn't worry.

Crystal said...

Wow! You definitely don't appear to have a baby that big inside you. I actually never had my doctor predict the size of either of my babies, but I've heard lots of people that had totally inaccurate predictions. If he is a big baby, he could just be real chunky and not cause you any problems with delivery. Harlie was 8lbs 10oz of chubbiness.
Just a few more weeks to go! Yay!

Cummards said...

Oh wow! That would be huge..on the bright side, if he is ten pounds, thats ten pounds you lose automaticaly, without doing anything but pushing the little guy out! When I was prego I would always see how much weight I'd gained, then subtract the amt. I thought my baby would weigh, so I could ponder what was going to happen with the rest of the weight!