Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Airplane adventures

Colton flew on an airplane all the way to and from Virginia, 6 hours of flying, 1 1/2 hour layover with just mommy (and no daddy). I'm sure all of you have done this and have no sympathy for me, but I'm telling you...I almost would've rather gone thru labor again.

Here are the highlights from my flights:
1. Public- I have discovered my child hates being in public. Every time it gets crowded, he starts screaming. Not ideal for flying on an airplane with NO empty seats. I think Colton would be perfectly content living in a bubble world of isolation with just his mom, dad and squeaky toy.

2. People say funny things- While Colton screamed for the first hour of the flight, here is a sampling of the interesting things people said to me.

flight attendant: "Do you have a pacifier?" (IF my child TOOK a pacifier, I'm pretty sure I would've tried that)

flight attendant teasingly: "Oh, are you pinching him?" Really lady?

older lady that likes to give advice: "Drum on his back so he kinda loses his breath. Not hard enough to kill him though." Oh, thank you. I was wondering how hard I should drum his I know!

older lady again: "How old is he? Oh, 3 1/2 months...yeah, that's too young for teething." I'm pretty sure he just hates being on this airplane. Not that hard to figure out.

3. Aromatherapy?- While changing my poopy baby in the 2 by 2 airplane bathroom, I noticed the hand soap that was titled "Aromatherapy". Oh. come. on. I don't think anyone is receiving ANY kind of therapy while in an airplane bathroom. The only kind of aroma I was getting was that of my child's poopy diaper.

4. My child is fat- Don't get me wrong, I love his fatness, just maybe not when I have to bounce him for 5 of the 6 hours of flight. 19 lbs will wear you out! Also, here are the names people called my baby: sturdy, big, healthy, large, chubby, whoa. Those words were also accompanied with: handsome, pretty, darling and cute...just so you know :)
Colton pictured with my sister Hannah who met him for the first time!
*To give Colton credit, he tried so hard. Poor little guy. He is the cutest public-hating chubby baby in the world. We had a WONDERFUL time in VA and all the flying was totally worth it. VA blog will be posted in a few days.


Amanda J said...

Oh I totally understand! I took the kids by myself to MI when Lilly was 3 months old and Nicholas was 16 months old. At least you had enough hands to do what you needed to! I ended up nursing Lilly halfway through one flight in my seat so she wouldn't cry. Oh the things we do to see our family!

andrea.roche said...

oh my heck. I'm stressed just reading this post. I'm becoming more grateful for our good experience flying after reading this post. :)

Hey, how much do YOU have to eat/drink to produce that milk!

andrea.roche said...

oh my heck. I'm stressed just reading this post. I'm becoming more grateful for our good experience flying after reading this post. :)

Hey, how much do YOU have to eat/drink to produce that milk!

andrea.roche said...

PS I hope u guys had aBLAST! It stinks to have to tRAVEL to visit "home"!

lyndsey said...

well, at least you made it! haha i love the stories, especially all the things people called him. glad you're back!

Baldersons said...

Ha ha poor Angela...that sounds like quite the flight! I'm glad you had fun in Virginia to make the awful flight worth it!

Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

I have flown several times on my own and every time it is quite the experience! Babies are hard because you can't get them to stop crying, when they get older it's hard because they don't want to sit still, and then you have 2 and its just insane!

Before flights I used to borrow toys from a friend so the boys had plenty of new activities to keep them busy, and the day Jackson learned to suck from a straw was awesome, unlimited airplane drinks!

I"m glad you had a fun time in Virginia, can't wait to see pics!

Hannah said...

We're so glad you braved the planes to see us! And we're so glad you're willing to do it again in a month to Michigan (at least you'll have Mike then, too!)

Colton is such a trooper! I feel like screaming on planes too. It's a shame I can't get away with it :). Oh, and he is definitely ADORABLE and very kissable.

Karen and Kevin said...

HAHAHAHA very funny!! Well when I was lucky enough to see the "big kahuna" he was happy and all smiles! That was such a fun surprise to run into you! We are taking both kids to san fran at the end of july (never had them both on a flight before) and Im super nervous!!

B and C said...

Oh dear... I am definitely dreading that first plane ride with a baby.

Good for you that you survived!

Crystal said...

You poor girl! I hate flying with a baby and the farthest I have gone is to SLC. Pretty weak compared to your 6 hour journey.

Brooke said...

Oh man, what an adventure! That flight from Vegas to D.C. is killer! Remind me again why we don't just make our parents move closer? Flying with a baby by yourself will always be stressful, but to throw in stupid people's comments on top of it all? Not helpful.

P.S. Were you able to use the car seat for the second leg of the flight? I am excited to see your VA post! :)

Renee said...

sounds like quite the adventure! I am glad you had a good trip despite the miserable plane ride!

Jill said...

Thanks for making such a heroic effort to come see us with your beautiful, charming, personable,and perfectly proportioned baby. We love you.