Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What does it mean?

Every few months I have the same dream…here is how it goes:

I’m in my last semester at BYU, in my last month, about to graduate. While thinking about how excited I am that I am graduating, I remember that I had signed up for a History class up in the Salt Lake center that I HAVEN’T gone to all semester except for one time. It’s almost time for finals, so I try to think of a way that they’ll let me drop the class without failing me OR how I can somehow manage to pass the final with tons of studying and get the “attendance” portion taken out of my grade. Then I realize if I drop/don’t pass this History class, I actually WON’T be able to graduate.

Last night there was an added twist:

Mike and I were at our classes at the Salt Lake center…but with Colton. After class the teacher got mad at us since Colton was disruptive and told us we couldn't bring Colton anymore. “Can’t you just find a babysitter?” she asked. I looked at Mike and started panicking, “No, no one can babysit. I’ve called everyone.”

So, my friends, what does it all mean? It obviously means SOMETHING as I have this dream every few months.

Maybe I’m worried I’m going to forget something.
Maybe I feel pulled in too many directions.
Maybe I’m supposed to go back to school and study History.
Maybe Colton is going to be a History professor.
Maybe I hate History.
Maybe Colton is bad in public (haha, we already knew that).


Mike Rose said...

It's clear that you haven't gotten over that 1 class in salt lake where I got a better grade! I will try to help you through it. Remember, you beat me in all the others

Amanda J said...

Maybe school is a symbol for work.

Aileen Taylor said...

Maybe you're afraid that BYU will find out you graduated illegally. Yep. I bet that's what it is. Hope this helps!

Greg R. said...

I've had a similar dream many times where I'm in a class and realized I haven't attended all semester.

I learned somewhere that it's actually a pretty common dream, particularly for the "over-achiever types."

I googled it and found a bunch of stuff like this: http://carolchapmanlive.com/2008/02/23/dream-interpretation-unprepared-for-exam/

So there you go, you aren't crazy :).

amy said...

I also have had the same dream. Except its math! I never shared that with anyone and didn't know others had it. I like Greg's explanation.. I MUST be an overachiever!

Jill said...

For me, it's high school, and it's a science class with a lab. I realize it's the end of the year, and I've never gone down that hallway to be in that class. Students are all busy doing experiments and I have absolutely no idea what is going on. I'm afraid I won't graduate.

Only I think mine has a root in reality. I'm pretty sure I'm still traumatized from being absent for part of frog dissection in high school biology. We were supposed to put the body parts on this diagram on a piece of paper and turn it in. Mine was so bad and incomplete that I kept it in my locker a long time, before sheepishly admitting to my teacher that I was lost on the whole issue.

Then there are those dreams where I'm in a play and never learned any of my lines! And it's performance time! Aack!

I think you're a chip off the old block.

Jordan said...

figured it out.. it means that you have become a mother, and will never graduate from becoming a mother ever again. So no matter how many "classes you sign up for" or in other words, how many children you have, you will never "graduate" from motherhood. At some points you may feel like "droping it", but all in all the dream, which is now your reality, will never stop because you have signed up for "this class" that will never end.. and it's a wonderful thing, so I know you will never want to graduate from it and will be the best at it. You have had these dreams for a long time now, and maybe you will continue to have them because you have always been signed up for motherhood. before, Mike was not involved. But now, with the new twist Mike & Colton have become involved in this great class.. it all makes sense.. just think about it! but then again, i am on pain killers right now from my surgery today, so don't take what i'm saying too seriously.. after all it is just a dream.. don't worry about it too much! Love, Jordan

Cummards said...

That is so funny! I admit I have never had a dream like that..so I guess that pretty much means I'm not an over achiever! Esp. because I did have a BYU class in SLC, and hardly ever went but knew I was never going and studied just enough to pass the final and the class! Just kidding, but that is a good explanation for you! Always giving 110%!

Hannah said...

I've had that dream too! I also have the dream when I'm on stage in a dance performance but I don't know or remember the dance, so I'm trying to follow the others around me and look natural--nightmare! Maybe we are all overachievers!