Thursday, August 13, 2009

What do you get

...when you mix:

1 baby that likes to eat
with 1 rubber spoon
and 1 can of carrots?

A MESS (and slightly orange-dyed baby)! Eating real food is overrated. I think I'll just go back to feeding him only milk.
*Seriously though, carrot juice inside ALL of those little rolls makes for one messy baby Upcoming: Pictures from our Lake Michigan trip!


Brooke said...

But the real question is: Did he LOVE the carrots?

They were always Ryan's favorite. Colton is so cute! I feel like I haven't seen him or you in forever! I am excited for the Michigan pictures. We should get together once I am back in town. Coming off vacation is so boring and lonely at home all day. We will have to plan a play date! :)

Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

Oh my gosh he is huge! How much does he weigh? He's probably Bennett's size!


janner said...

Mmmmm...yummy. Can't wait for the picture of creamed spinach in a few weeks. haha. Colton is cute no matter what vegetable he is wearing.

Jill said...

Greg, you are such a big tease. What I'm sure you meant was, "Oh my gosh he is absolutely adorable!"

Which he is, in any color. He does look kind of grown up with baby food all over know, like one of those experienced babies who really know what they're doing.

aandkhousewright said...

did he like them? i tried giving brooke rice cereal and then rice cereal mixed with bananas and she hated it! she screamed and gagged... it was funny. fun new phase of baby food!

Hannah said...

Aaron LOVED orange baby food (carrots, sweet potatoes), so he looked orange for a while :) Eating real food is DEFINITELY takes so much more work! It sure makes for cute Colton pictures though!

lyndsey said...

lol he looks so bewildered. like, "what did you do to me?? i miss milk." haha. cute.

Heather said...

This is priceless! I love the expression on his face. haha. he makes me smile!! When are you coming up to Utah?? It's not too far!! Jump in the car for a weekend, come on!! :)