Friday, September 4, 2009

Flattered or creeped?

I just got back from running with Colton. On my run I ran past an older man walking a dog. The following conversation occurred:

Man: "If you was my wife, I'd tell you that you looked good and didn't need to run."
Me: While continuing to run and not look back, "Maybe I look good because I run."
Man: "Could be true. But you look great for having just had a baby."

Should I be flattered or creeped? I think I'm more creeped. Where do people get off thinking they can just say things like that. And YES, I was tightly holding my can of pepper spray.

Note: Don't worry about my safety. I ran at 8:30 by a road with lots of cars going by and children going to school.


Renee said... just need to have more babies. I got similar compliments after baby number one but now people say "You look great for having four kids"...I am sure you look fabulous! When are you coming to Utah?

Brooke said...

This reminds me that I need to get a can of pepper spray! Regardless of the creepy interaction, you do look great! And good for you for running with Colton! :)

lyndsey said...

definitely flattered :) you run w/ pepper spray??

Jill said...

Creeped. But I'm your mom. Take a bodyguard.

Hannah said...

I'm impressed that you run with pepper spray! I would probably be creeped...but flattered too! ha ha. Aren't you used to these kind of comments by now??

Karen and Kevin said...

flattered for sure ;) mama's still got it!

becca said...

Creeped and annoyed. His grammar was atrocious. "If you was my wife. . ."