Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is it just me?

I love cereal. Cold, crunchy cereal.

I actually prefer it to any other breakfast. Really.

When I lived at the dorms at BYU and had the entire Canon Center at my disposal, I still chose to eat cereal. When I'm at a hotel with a breakfast bar, I always grab the box of cereal. It's actually the only thing that can get me out of bed in the morning...knowing I can go downstairs and eat a bowl of cereal.

In fact, I also have to eat a bowl of cereal every NIGHT before I go to bed.

Sometimes when Mike announces we should just "scrounge around for dinner tonight" I get excited because that means I can just have a bowl of cereal. Pathetic, I know.

I have this problem with cereal however. I finish the cereal, but still have leftover milk...sooooo I poor more cereal in the milk to finish it up...but then I need more milk for the cereal...and the cycle continues until I've had about 4 bowls.

Am I alone on this? I hope others share in my cereal love.

Here are my cereals of choice at the moment:
Breakfast: Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran, Honey Bunches of Oats
Nighttime snack: lighter cereals such as Rice Krispees, Special K


Miss Malbec said...

i have the same problem.

i have also been known to eat cereal like popcorn.

my cereals of choice: frosted mini wheats, honey nut chex, basic 4, and honey bunches of oats w/ almonds.

Sarah said...

I am also a HUGE fan of cereal. When I was at BYU I would just get a few boxes of cereal and milk and just eat breakfast/lunch/dinner in my dorm. It allowed me to use my food money to eat at the cougareat whenever I want. And I'm ALL about the bowl before bed!

B and C said...

You are so not alone.

I HAVE to have cereal every morning in order to function, and I am known to have it for dinner and/or bedtime snack.

My faves: breakfast- Special K vanilla almond, frosted flakes, honey nut cheerios. snack- golden grahams, muffin tops (which coincidentally increase MY muffin top- grr)

Aaron and Chels Allred said...

i LOVE cereal!! i have atleast 3-5 bowls a day. I sweare, its one of my biggest cravings being pregnant...right now im on the unhealthy crap though...cocoa pebbles and sugar smacks! hahaha

Brooke said...

I'm on a frosted mini wheats kick right now too! I always hated them as a kid, but they are GOOD!

Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

i too am a cereal person. unfortunately we keep our cereal on top of the fridge, so when my nightly craving hits, the ice cream usually wins out.

lyndsey said...

uh...i think you already know we are twins in this department. last night b said "i'll make my own dinner" and the first thing that popped into my head was a delicious bowl of cereal for me! :)

my faves: mini wheats, kashi go lean crunch, oatmeal squares
lighter: life, apple cinammon cheerios, honey bunches of oats
we also like to have sugary cereals like fruit loops or cinammon toast crunch on hand for dessert :)

Crystal said...

I love pretty much all breakfast foods, but since I'm pretty lazy in the mornings, cereal is usually my choice. Good thing Harlie and Jake love cereal too. I'm completely with you on the finishing my milk off problem. If I am really set on not eating 5 servings of cereal in one sitting, then I have to pour the bowl and put the box away right then. Don't you hate how small one serving of cereal really is? C'mon, who wants to just have one cup of cereal?

Hannah said...

You must have gotten this habit from me! ha ha. I was just talking to mom about how I eat at LEAST three "servings" of cereal every morning. I'm into frosted mini wheats now too...and Life (or cinnamon life). And Honey Nuts are always a favorite. Love the Honey Bunches of Oats, but they have milk, so I don't get them anymore for Aaron's sake.

Jill said...

I'm a cereal girl. I like to have a bowl of regular cheerios which I sweeten up by adding a sugared cereal with it. Have you tried the Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites chocolate flavor. Oh, yeah. Chocolate and fiber. I call it "justification."

Our Family said...

I'm exactly the same way. I have had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean every day for over a year. I'm addicted!

becca said...

Um, I love cereal, and not the Kashi stuff. No offense to anyone who left comments, but I don't think it counts as cereal unless it has honey or cinnamon. Lots of honey or cinnamon. My favorite cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios.