Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hate is a strong word. But, it is the way I feel about daylight savings. I mentioned a few days after daylight savings that Colton was waking up way early. 2 weeks past the switch, Colton has shown NO signs of improvement or adjusting.

Today- wake up time: 5:10 am
Yesterday- wake up time: 6:20 am
The day before- wake up time: 6:00 am

This is coming from the kid that usually slept until 7 or 8.

HELP! I am NOT a morning person. Advise please?


Amanda J said...

I'm not a morning person either. I just taught my kids to entertain themselves in their crib. Hang some toys on the side that he can reach. That kept my kids busy for at least an hour when they were babies. It also might help to make the room darker. I used a dark sheet until I made curtains.

Brooke said...

I heard about this one time when someone just gave their baby a bottle and she got an extra hour and a half of sleep. Just an idea. ;)

Crystal said...

Oh man, that's no fun at all. If you have adjusted his bedtime, and after this long he's still in pre-daylight savings mode, I'd go for a little tough love (if you're okay with that tactic). Let him cry for a bit to see if he'll go back to sleep or at least get the idea that it's not wake up time yet. I'd also try to adjust wake up time gradually, like 15 minute increments every day or two. (I'm pretty jealous of Colton's old sleeping pattern. Schaeffer hasn't ever slept past 6:00 or 6:30.)

Sharon said...

How about just bringing him in your bed but not talking to him or playing with him at all so that he knows its time to go back to sleep. Would that work?

Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

Well we FINALLY got Jackson to sleep past seven. We started to keep him up until 8 or 9 (he usually goes down between 7 and 7:30) until he was so tired (after a couple of days) that he finally slept in until 7:45 one day (his normal wake up time) Then we gradually started to move his bedtime back about 15 min each night until he was back to normal, but still used to waking up at a decent hour.

We also have a quilt over his window so his room is totally dark.

Bennett is our angel. daylight savings didn't affect him at all. Thank heavens for Bennett.

B and C said...

Ahhhh that's ridiculous! I really don't have any advice to give, since Dylan is still getting the whole sleep thing down, but I definitely feel for you.

Jill said...

Do you have a room-darkening shade over the window?

Trish said...

What a nightmare! Have you tried putting him down later at night?