Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have one

I have a ticket! A ticket to see New Moon this weekend. I never see movies, they cost too much...but a bunch of girls from my ward are going to see it so I figured might as well. It should be fun.

Maybe I should go out and buy a Team Edward shirt and vampire teeth...and scream and jump up and down when Edward comes on the screen...just kidding :)

I hope it's worth the money!


sam and brittney said...

Let us know how it is! I think I am going to see it over Thanksgiving break. I am excited!

Kara said...

You mean its not cool to have a team edward shirt, AND vampire teeth... i need to return a few things to the store.. just kidding. I'm going to go get my ticket today! Have fun.

Jill said...

GIRLS NIGHT! Have fun.

becca said...

No, no, Ang -- you got it all wrong. It's Team Jacob all the way. You cheer when Jacob comes onto the screen. Trust me!