Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

It's been really cold the past week. Since we aren't very prepared clothing-wise for 30 degree weather, I had to put together a winter outfit of my own for Colton. Here he is ready for our weekly jog complete with:
  • my over sized BYU beanie (but not too over sized, the kid had a big head haha)
  • zipper jacket
  • adult gloves (which he proceeded to just flap his hands until they fell off)
  • socks (he doesn't own any shoes yet...hey I know he's almost 10 months, but the kid isn't even close to crawling yet so why bother?)

We need some warmer clothes. But, he does look pretty DANG cute in mine :)

Don't worry, I had him wrapped up in a fleece blanket also!


sam and brittney said...

Aren't they just so cute all bundled up!

Karen and Kevin said...

i love hats on kids! so cute

Sharon said...

He looks adorable as always. Love the look on his face.

Aaron and Chels Allred said...

i love his face how he's like..."ya..i handsome."

Renee said...

He looks pretty warm! What is sad is that we still throw together outfits for the snow....and my kids are older and we live in Utah!!!

Hannah said...

My favorite thing that he is wearing is that smug little expression on his face. I miss him!

Jill said...

He makes everything look good.
I miss my boy!

becca said...

I love the flapping gloves. You are resourceful!

Colton looks adorable in every picture, by the way.