Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Playoffs do to a man...

Like many other husbands, Mike gets so excited for the playoffs. So excited, in fact, that he has even mastered the "listening to my wife" but "not really listening to my wife" technique.

During NFL Playoffs on Saturday, the following conversations occurred between me and Mike. Pay close attention to how Mike listens ENOUGH to give a valid response, but NOT enough to give the correct response.

Me: "Man, Reggie Bush is really small."
Mike: "Yeah he is."
Me: "How tall is he?"
Mike: "Oh, 6'3"."
Me: "Really? That's actually pretty tall!"
Mike: (now realizing he was actually talking) "Oh, whoops...I mean...he probably about 5'9" ."

Another conversation (5 mins later):

Me: "I wasn't able to reach Brooke this morning, so I guess we aren't watching Ryan while they go on a date."
Mike: "Oh, that's too bad..."
Mike again a minute later: (now realizing he was actually talking) "Uh oh, don't be mad at me."
Angela: "Come on, completely wrong answer again?"
Mike: "Yeah, actually...Zach (Brooke's husband) called this morning and said they'd drop off Ryan at 5."

Wow Mike, impressive. Impressive indeed. For the record, Mike is normally a very good listener.


Jill said...

Mike needs an extra brain for these situations. It's just too much to take in!! At least the one he has seems to have instant replay.

Hannah said...

ha ha ha, cracking me up. At least he seems to come around eventually :).

Brooke said...

I'm glad he caught on to last one! Thanks for watching Ryan!

Brooke said...

*the last one.

Kara said...

Haha hilarious!! I'm guessing that one of two things will happen. Either he will start listening to you during the playoffs OR he will get better at pretend listening/responding. My guess is the second one. Thanks for a good laugh. I love husbands.. constant entertainment.

janner said...

Grandma is having similar issues with Grandpa..you two will have to get together and commiserate! So funny.

becca said...

I loved these. I read them to Matt and we laughed out loud.

By the way, are those new leather couches, or someone else's house????