Tuesday, February 2, 2010


...But NO answer.

Well, my fear kinda came true. The pulmonologist didn't really notice anything irregular in Colton. I guess this is good because nothing is wrong with my child or his airways so he does not need surgery. However, he can't explain the odd breath holding breathing thing he does. I really REALLY didn't want to hear "Yeah, that is weird. I don't know why he is doing that"...but that's what I heard. So, door closed to problem in his airways, but door NOT closed to why he breathing irregularly and not moving at all.

I'm frustrated. disappointed. and confused.

My mind is racing with questions that I can't get answers to.
Is there really nothing wrong with Colton and he's just breathing weird for no reason? Is the non movement not connected at all with the breathing? Is it still connected and I just don't know how? Do I now go to a neurologist (pulmonologist mentioned it) to make sure there is nothing going on with breathing or movement? If I go neurologist, am I just wasting more money on a wild goose chase? Do I exhaust all possibilities just to make sure he's okay? How much MORE money could I possibly spend on medical bills this year? When do I start him in physical therapy? How long will it take him to move if he really has no problem? How long will it take him to move if he DOES have a problem? When will we recognize if there is a problem or not?

I'm trying to see the positive right now, but I'm more just feeling let down.


Sarah Kimmel said...

I"m so sorry there was no answers for you. That has got to be very frustrating. I hope things get better for you soon!

Brooke said...

Bummer. That is tough. I am so happy that Colton seems to be healthy (nothing wrong with his airway) but I am sorry you didn't get the answers you were hoping for. I am guessing Colton is just a super easy going baby and he will move eventually. And like I've said all along, I bet he skips crawling and goes straight to running! I'm sure he will surprise us all. :)

garrett & brooke said...

I wish I had an answer for you, but obviously I would be wondering all the same things you are. We're really sorry you came to a dead end. Maybe we just need to move there so we can at least have play dates and you can vent your concerns.
To answer your questions. We are coming down for the MW Tourny. We should definitely meet up.

Seth and Brittney said...

That is so frustrating and discouraging. I hope things work out soon. BEFORE you go spend lots of money on these things, go through the Nevada Early Intervention Services and have a free specialist come and watch Colton (this is a state service done through Nevada State Health Division). They will typically have you fill out some questionnaires about his development and watch him at home a bit. They provide really helpful information about what you can do to further facilitate his growth and development, and also screen out for other disorders or delays. They are incredibly helpful and a good first step in trying to figure out why he is not doing what he's supposed to. Just a suggestion as a psychologist ;) Good luck, and message me if I can help!
-Brittney (Roberts)

Team Oliver said...

i am just a lurker...

i have a 10 month old son who breathes very similar to colton and his pediatrician said it is something called periodic breathing. he said some babies have it, some dont. some its more noticeable than others. pretty much, they are still learning to breath and can stop breathing for seconds at a time, hold their breath, strain their breathing, etc. and there is nothing wrong. their breathing patterns are just taking longer to develop.

my son is also not crawling. but our pedi chalks it up to the fact that he is so big. he is 100% for head and weight and 99% for height. the doctor said it is much harder for him to move and takes much more effort than the average baby. he said this goes hand in hand with a little bit of laziness.if its too hard for him to do, he's not gunna do it. he will wait until it is easier. much like a baby who wont breastfeed, but would rather the bottle, because the milk comes out faster.

lastly, the doctor told us he is seeing many more children in his practice skip the crawling step all together and go straight to walking. he didnt seem worried at all.

oh and in our play group, there is a little girl who has absolutely nothing wrong with her and didnt crawl until 15 months and walked at 16 months. and she is perfectly fine. no conditions or problems.

im sure your little guy is just fine and doing things in his own time, at his own pace.

if you want to talk anymore, you can email me at:


Mom, Mommy, Ma Ma Jo, Grandma, Grandma Jo said...

Angela - sorry the answers were not more clear, but I find hope in the negative bronchoscopy.

As to your next step - I like Brittney's suggestion. It creates another look at Colton without costing you an arm and a leg. I would begin there, and see what they think. Depending on their thoughts, you can consider the neurologist next. At least it will keep things in motion while we wait (and pray) for Colton to take off, which I think he is likely to do!

Good luck.


Hannah said...

Yes, frustrating! But also nice to know this airways are clear! I think there have been some awesome suggestions here that are worth trying. Rule out the big problems with that free specialist and get some guidance so you aren't on a wild goose chase, and then you can just feel confident that Colton is perfectly wonderful if not just a little lazy ;). We love you!

sam and brittney said...

I am soo sorry to hear this update. I had been dying to hear the answers that the scope would provide. At least there is nothing wrong with his airway. Personally, I would go to the neurologist. I know it will cost a lot of money but a peace of mind is priceless. Even if the neurologist finds nothing wrong with him at least you can know that nothing neurologically is the cause of his breathing/mobility issues. Hang in there. Little Colton will continue to be in our prayers.