Monday, February 15, 2010

Dancing Queen

*For your viewing pleasure: a classic "prom" picture in front of a fake backdrop
Have any of you been dancing recently?
Well, Saturday was my first time in about 5 years. I have to admit, I was a little rusty. Our ward put on a Valentine's dance on Saturday night. It brought me back to my glory days at the Oakton Stake Dances in NOVA. I rocked those things...or at least I thought I rocked those things. haha.
It's amazing how your body loses that coordination. A room full over old married couples dancing...I'm pretty sure all the youth in the ward would have had a heart attack watching us.
I did redeem my dancing by busting out my breaking dancing move "the coffee grinder". It involves going on the floor and swinging one leg around in a circle while you hop over it with the other leg (like "skip it", but on the floor). Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

HAPPY Valentine's!


Greg R. said...

Looks like fun! Our church has one this weekend but we'll be gone, so we crashed the local mega-Christian church on our Valentine's date and danced there...haha. I'm starting to realize that I could enjoy being an inactive member of other local churches to take advantage of their social benefits...

Jill said...

Ms. Biggs would be PROUD. (I am.)

You are both seriously photogenic, and in fact your ward friends are a cute bunch. What fun.

aandkhousewright said...

you did rock those stake dances, ang! looks like you've still got the moves!