Sunday, February 28, 2010


My baby turned one this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest Colton. We love you to pieces. You just keep getting more and more fun and we are so happy to be your parents.
We were able to celebrate with grandma (visiting from Virginia), and friends Brooke, Zach and Ryan. Here are the highlights of his birthday in pictures complete with balloons, presents, cake, and tears :).
The beautiful decorations which lasted all of 5 mins after Colton's nap, when he decided he HAD to have them, so we took most down.
Opening presents: cars, drawing mats, Quiet Book from grandma (awesome awesome awesome), clothes, puzzles. He loved them all!
The wonderful birthday cookie! Don't you just love the star candles?
After Colton totally lost it crying when we put him in his highchair for the classic cake pictures, Mike decided to just hold on to him instead. Here he is post tears.
The classic birthday hat picture. Yes, it lasted all of 10 seconds. But that's all I needed to snap a photo.
And...then he lost it again crying, so I fed him his cookie cake on my lap. Messy, but happier since on mommy's lap.
Happy birthday Colton! We love you!


Karen the "Hungry Mom" said...

wow I cant believe he is 1 already!!! happy birthday to colton and congratulations to you on a year of mommyhood!! and p.s. that ball popper is the greatest toy ever. Drew and zach still fight over it.

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Colton! He looks so grown up--he just gets more and more handsome. Love all these details, from Colton needing to play with all the decorations, to tears in the highchair. Looks like a success to me!

lyndsey said...

happy happy birthday little colton! although i must agree, he is looking very grown up -- not so little anymore! glad he had a fun party -- although i'm offended he didnt lunge straight for the cookie cake ;)

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Colton! Thanks for inviting us, it was a lot of fun! Ryan had a blast at his first party! He was in such a good mood when we left your house. As always, Colton is adorable.

Baldersons said...

I can't believe he is 1 already! Happy birthday Colton! Looks like a fun little celebration

Jill said...

And he's even cuter in real life!! So glad I could be here for the big event. We love him so.

Sharon said...

He looks so adorable. He does look older than at Christmas. Love his little outfit, his hair, his face, all of him. Yes, I do love the star candles. Can't wait to see him this Sunday. So glad that your mom could be there for the birthday celebration! I guess he takes the song, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" literally!

Ashby said...

Happy Birthday! A year goes by so fast! What a cute little guy!