Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The perfect table

Does the perfect table exist? I've been thinking about getting a new kitchen table. Our $99 table and chairs have done us well for the past 5 years, but it may be time in the next year to upgrade.

There are SO many things to think about though when purchasing a table:

1) Pub/counter height OR normal - I'm going with normal for kid friendly use
2) Circle or Square - circle fits our space well, but I may want to change to square
3) How many people should it fit? - It NEEDS to be able to fit 5 or 6 and with a leaf hopefully 8. I'm soooo tired of barely fitting 4, I can't ever have people over.
4) Color: Black, dark, medium, light, or white. I'm very confused on this one...I already have dark wood in the main room, but I don't want to overdue it.
5) Benches and/OR chairs - I don't know, maybe benches are nice kids?
6) Cushioned chairs or straight up wood- I'm leaning towards NO cushion because it'll get thrashed.
7) Distressed or smooth - I really like distressed, but I need to make sure food won't get stuck in the cracks...right?

What kind of table to you have? Do you like it? What's going to work and grow with my growing family, but STILL look awesome?

This is the table I like, but it doesn't fit the space and is probably a little too dark. I like the wood planks, bench, and simple lines. There isn't anything like this in a smaller size though (LESS than 60 in)

Mike likes something more along the lines of the first picture and this one because of the medium color, but I'm not sure if it's it?


Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

Well I must say I think you should BUILD a table! It's cheap, and there's this awesome website called that has plans to all sort of Pottery barn style furniture. I am building two beds for the boys next week! She's got some good tables on there.

Here are my two cents on style. I would vote no on counter height, too hard for kids getting up and down. I like square tables, no reason just personal preference. I think if you got a square table with 4 chairs and a bench you could use the chairs all the time, and then pull out the bench when you put the leaf in or something like that. I like the idea of a bench. I prefer dark wood as well but it shows knicks a lot more than a lighter color. I may do a two toned table next time (white legs wood top).
I like cushioned chairs, but make sure they are covered with a sort of vinyl. We have microfiber on our chairs and they are still pretty thrashed.

I want to build our table, because I won't feel like I spent a ton of money on a table that my kids bang forks on and spill milk all over.

Okay I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words. ........................................

Karen the "Hungry Mom" said...

i like the first one but not the third one. sorry mike. i like a square table so you can throw a leaf in. definitely no cushions and normal height on chairs! I love the idea of a bench. Our table seats 4 and theres no room for a bigger table until we convert the dining room (currently playroom) back to a dining room and put one in there. I guess this babe will be in a high chair for a long time anyway though so thats good. good luck!! the table you eat at as a family is an essential part of the house!!

Crystal said...

I so want a new table too. I really don't like our old table, but it makes me nervous to get something really nice because kids can be so hard on furniture. I'd go with no cushions and regular height just because of kids. Oh, and I love the bench on one side.

Jill said...

Benches always LOOK very helpful, but they have some drawbacks. First, they can tip over. (Danny almost lost a toenail with that happening.) They're hard to get in and out of. Any movement affects everyone on the bench...sliding closer to the table, for example. Also, most little booster seats are designed to fasten onto chairs. I had benches when you kids were little, and in retrospect, they were pretty annoying!

A good I did was get custom table pads made for my tabletops. It kept them scratch-free and I could always do art projects or put hot dishes down with no problem. I usually kept on an easy-wash table cloth, and tried to vary them with seasons, etc.

Hannah said...

My biggest recommendation would to get something with a seamless (or almost seamless) top--grooves would be a nightmare with kids. Save one of those for later. OR, I know a lot of people that cover their table tops with a glass panel, which would solve the groove problem. They actually set some pretty placemats under the glass--it's a nice look.

Justin and Kitara said...

My only recommendation is NO bench. We had one in my family growing up and it was a constant fight over who had to sit on the bench. The kids hated sitting there and my parents hated hearing us argue. That same table had a tile top. I will never get a tile top. Ever. The grout is so hard to clean!

If you decide to make a table, one of my friends has a table with a wood looking Formica top. It cleans so easily and you would never guess that a 2 and 4 year-old beat up on the table.

becca said...

ooooooh, fun post. I am also feeling like a new table would look nice . . . in a new house . . . yes, I'm dreaming. But here's what I have to say. Look for a smooth table -- any little cracks or decorative divits (not even a word) collect food crumbs. My table has a crack down the middle where the leaf fits in, and it's always filled with crustiness that can only be chiseled off with a butter knife. Then again, you are a lot cleaner than I am, so you probably don't have to worry about it. hee hee.

becca said...

And, I just read Hannah's comment, and we said the same thing!