Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Okay, the whole vaccine issue with babies totally stresses me out. Don't get me wrong, I feel vaccines are very good since they prevent terrible diseases, and I definitely don't think doctors are evil for giving vaccines. However, I'm not convinced the way they are administered and the timetable they have set for babies is the safest.

I didn't really think about it too much until Colton was in physical therapy for a few months and I got talking to a lot of the moms. A TON of moms were there with their autistic children, and I asked them questions and listened to their stories. Let's just say it was enough to make me nervous and now I can't get it out of my head.
So, here is my dilemma. Colton is 16 months old and hasn't received his 12 month MMR vaccine. We fly to Virginia in 2.5 weeks (lots of germs on those plans). Do I get him the vaccine before we go so he is immune , or continue to delay it until he's a little older and subject him to all the airplane germs? When SHOULD I give him the MMR vaccine?
(note: I've checked, and no one in Vegas offers splitting the MMR vaccine. It all has to be taken together)


Joey said...

Angela, don't freak out. Vaccines do not cause autism. It is unfortunate that controversy and rumors persists despite overwhelming scientific evidence. Read this FAQ/information sheet about vaccines to ease your mind.

Tara said...

we are waiting until our son is 2.

i also have heard so many stories...

we do dr. sears delayed vaccine schedule and its gone really well for us.

Andrea said...

Angela. I too was very concerned about this. If you do a little more research you will find, though a legitimate fear, all the research done linking autism to vaccines was found to be based on all false, made up data.

I def. think you have to do what you feel most comfortable, but I feel stories based on some doctors false data is just the media money makers creating stories to evoke fear in moms while padding hteir pocketbooks.

I guess what made my final decision was this, more children around here have been coming down with diseases we haven't seen in years. Kids dying of pertussis etc.For ME, I would rather have my kid have autism than die of some preventable disease. Trevor and I both had MMRs and were fine. i'm sure you and Mike did as well.

NOW, this is just my personal opinion and I can't speak for all moms with autistic kids, but a good friend has a child with autism. She vaccinated all 6 of her kids all the same on a reccomemended scheduled. ONE of them had autism. She told me moms blame autism on vaccines becuase everyone needs an explanation for bad things which happen for no apparent reason. She feels, Heavenly Father had a specific plan for her son. His spirit was faced with a challenge, that in reality, saved him from many problems of this earth.

Anyway. That is the most valuable info I could gather in my searching. Who really knows though? You will make the best decision for colton. no doubt. Good luck!

Renee said...

4 happy and healthy children who have all had their vaccines on time...I have never researched it much as my dad has always suggested my kids get them...all of them. That is enough for me to have peace of mind. Good luck making that decision...isn't it fun to be a mother!?? :)

Amanda J said...

Both of our kids flew several flights without being current on their vaccines with absolutely no problems. Personally I'm not concerned about the autism risk, I just feel that doctors give kids way too many shots to teeny tiny babies. Both had their hep B at the hospital, but we waited on everything else until they were 18 months old and they were completely caught up by 2 years. You should do what you feel is right. You are the mom and you know what is best for Colton.

Cummards said...

Oh the decisions! I was actually shocked to see you only had a few comments on this post. But maybe you just barely put it up. This is something most moms all have an opinion on, and it's usually a strong one :) I really hate when you feel like there are risks with whatever decision you make! Good luck, and you will do whatever is right for Colton, have fun on your trip too!

Jill said...

This has nothing to do with autism...but I think the MMR packs a whallop that often hits about two weeks after the shot (fever, rash) I'd wait till after the trip so he doesn't get his side effects on vacation!

ChanellR said...

My doctor has six kids, so I asked him what he did. He said all of his kids were vaccinated on time. So that helped me feel more comfortable with it.
I also have a friend and all 3 of her kids are autistic. She told me she doesn't believe it was caused from immunizing her kids.
It would be nice if we could control everything about our kids though and protect them from everything all the time. I'm always trying to parent "exactly right" but I couldn't even tell you what "exactly right" is. :)
That's my two cents. Have a great trip!

Steven said...

The fear of a connection between MMR and autism stemmed from a 1998 paper published in a British medical journal called The Lancet. It has since been discovered that the author of that paper had manipulated evidence, resulting in him losing his medical license and The Lancet retracting the article .

Multiple studies performed since have shown no sign of the MMR vaccine causing autism.

The reason why children begin showing the signs of autism after the MMR is simply because of the vaccine's placement in the child's development. The MMR is given soon after the child's first birthday, and children with autism usually begin showing signs before 18 months. Because the autism symptoms appear relatively soon after the MMR, there's an illusion of causality.

Crystal said...

I guess the bottom line is, autism is still a mystery and nobody knows what causes it. Whatever the cause(es), it's super complicated--involving a lot (genetics, environmental triggers, autoimmune problems, etc.). I don't believe there is one singular reason all these kids are being diagnosed with autism, so I can't say vaccines have anything to do with it or not. If they do have anything to do with it, it's only a small piece of the puzzle. I've never had a doctor say vaccines absolutely have nothing to do with autism, and that was enough for me just to slow the process down. Since I do have a son with autism, I waited until my next son was 2 to vaccinate him. I wanted to make sure he was developing ok and was healthy enough to bombard his immune system with vaccines.

We all want a clear-cut answer, but there's just not one, dang it. To be honest, I'd be much more worried about feeding Colton whole, organic food and his eye contact with people than vaccinating him. He has a good little mommy who's looking out for him. You just have to do what you feel most comfortable with. If you've been vaccinating Colton on schedule so far, in my opinion, there's no reason to freak out about the MMR vaccine above the rest.

The only advice I give to everyone is that you should have a FULL developmental work-up done on your child at 18 months whether you suspect anything is wrong or not. Vaccines, no vaccines, delayed vaccines, who knows--but early intervention ALWAYS a good idea.

Good luck, doll!

姵潔 said...
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Hannah said...

I'm with mom--do it after the trip. I doubt he'd pick up one of the MMR diseases on the plane. I think Crystal's advice hits the mark--a vacinne will not cause autism, but it could be a factor in a very complex puzzle. Really, there is little harm in delaying if you're worried. I've delayed the last few vacinnes just because I'm too busy to get them done! But we'll get there eventually :).