Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flying: A Series of Unfortunate Events

(picture of Colton in hotel broom further explained below)

How difficult could it be, you ask, to simply fly home from Wash DC to Las Vegas with no weather problems, no holiday travels, no plane delays, and one perfectly timed 1 1/2 layover in Dallas?

Very. very. difficult.

It all started when we boarded our plane in Dallas at 3:00 pm to then fly home to Vegas. Colton had been a champ on the first flight, and I had the second flight timed perfectly for him to fall asleep as we were taking off. Only problem is, we wouldn't be taking off...not for one hour...not 2 or 3 or 4...but and entire DAY later.

Here is the timeline of events (let's not forget that this whole travel experience was WITH a 17 mo old):

3:00 pm board airplane
3:15 pm depart gate
3:30 pm informed from pilot that a display monitor isn't working and we have to go back to gate
NOTE: it is 104 outside, with no AC on the plane and Colton starts to go ballISTIC and falls asleep
3:45 pm informed there are no available gates and we'll have to wait
4:00 pm deplane, wake up Colton, and we are told to wait as they fix the problem
5:30 pm we are told they are replacing the part and we'll board again in the next hour
6:30 pm we are assured problem is fixed and AGAIN board the airplane
6:45 pm depart gate
7:00 pm pilot tells us there is a long line of planes and it may take a while
7:15 pm pilot informs us (in total nonchalant voice) that ACTUALLY they were experiencing the same monitor problem and the part that was replaced actually wasn't what they needed...
NOTE: it is still 104 with no AC and Colton AGAIN FREAKS out screaming uncontrollably
7:30 pm we are informed AGAIN there are no available gates open and we'd have to wait
7:45 pm deplane and join other yelling customers at ticket counter, while they AGAIN try to fix the plane
8:00 pm cops arrive to protect ticket counter ladies
8:20 pm our flight is officially cancelled and I wait in line to get tickets for next available flight...which is THE FOLLOWING MORNING (they also told us they couldn't get our bags and they'd send them out on one of 3 different flights....reeeaaaallll comforting)
9:00 pm we take our hotel vouchers, hop on a shuttle, and get to hotel
9:15 pm hotel doesn't have any cribs so Colton sleeps in a tub
---next day---
6:00 am catch shuttle to airport
6:30 am are informed at the end of security line that they didn't add the "plus infant" to our tickets, so Mike has to go back through the AA line and get him added
6:50 am we arrive at our gate A24 to find that no one is there. They gave us incorrect gate info
7:00 am we arrive at our CORRECT gate at C26 after taking a shuttle to the C terminal
7:30 am we finally take off from Dallas and make our way back home to Las Vegas...

I think I'm STILL recovering. I better be getting some free tickets out of this experience!
On a positive note: Colton is really good at making baskets with his stuffed animal puppy dog INTO the airport trash cans. Puppy needs a bath.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Where We've Been

It's been a fun last couple of weeks visiting my fam in VA, mike's bro and fam in NJ, and a day trip to NYC.

Home Sweet Home: VIRGINIA
We got to see my family including a brother who is leaving on a mission in a month, great grandparents we hadn't seen in a year, GRANDPA we hadn't seen in a year, cousins we hadn't seen in a get the's hard to see family when they live so far away! It was very much needed.

New Jersey

We got to spend some time with Mike's bro and family in New Jersey. It was so fun for Colton to hang with his cousins. We visited Princeton campus Sunday morning before church. Here are a couple pictures of us attempting to get all the boys together (in case you haven't heard--Roses only genetically produce boys, Mike only has brothers and we only have nephews on his side)


Having lived only a few hours from NYC my whole life, I had actually NEVER been. Mike and I enjoyed a day in NYC while our amazing sis-in-law took care of Colton. We visited Times Square, 30 Rock, NBC Tour, Central Park, Staten Island Ferry, and more. Besides not being able to find a subway for 1 1/2 was a fun day!

Flying home, however, was a NIGHTMARE...WHY is Colton sleeping in a hotel tub you ask?....

STAY TUNED for the worst travel experience ever.