Friday, July 16, 2010

Where We've Been

It's been a fun last couple of weeks visiting my fam in VA, mike's bro and fam in NJ, and a day trip to NYC.

Home Sweet Home: VIRGINIA
We got to see my family including a brother who is leaving on a mission in a month, great grandparents we hadn't seen in a year, GRANDPA we hadn't seen in a year, cousins we hadn't seen in a get the's hard to see family when they live so far away! It was very much needed.

New Jersey

We got to spend some time with Mike's bro and family in New Jersey. It was so fun for Colton to hang with his cousins. We visited Princeton campus Sunday morning before church. Here are a couple pictures of us attempting to get all the boys together (in case you haven't heard--Roses only genetically produce boys, Mike only has brothers and we only have nephews on his side)


Having lived only a few hours from NYC my whole life, I had actually NEVER been. Mike and I enjoyed a day in NYC while our amazing sis-in-law took care of Colton. We visited Times Square, 30 Rock, NBC Tour, Central Park, Staten Island Ferry, and more. Besides not being able to find a subway for 1 1/2 was a fun day!

Flying home, however, was a NIGHTMARE...WHY is Colton sleeping in a hotel tub you ask?....

STAY TUNED for the worst travel experience ever.


Andrea said...

anxious to hear THAT story!

lyndsey said...

uh oh-- what's the worst travel story ever?? and you forgot to mention that you also talked me through the beginning stages of labor on sunday as well :) glad you made it home safe...can't wait for more details.

Jill said...

OK, that is one cute threesome of wiggly boys there!

So grateful you could come. We loved every minute with you.

We love you, miss you, and think Colton looks very cozy sleeping in that hotel TUB!!