Friday, August 13, 2010

Full Blown

(please allow me to have a momentary vent, I don't feel like being my normal positive and upbeat self right now)
We have entered the full blown terrible twos (yes, I know my child is only 18 mos). By 9:30 am this morning I was already completely exhausted and at my wits end...and I only have ONE child! I know ever other mom is in the same boat as me, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating.

We are going to play a little game of I spy to better understand how our morning has gone.
I spy a cute little boy who got a hair cut this morning at a friend's house and screamed until he almost threw up and thrashed his body the whole time. It took me, my friends husband holding him still, and my friend cutting his hair. Yes we tried suckers, movies, all of it.
(family room)
I spy a phone that Colton threw at mommy's head, legos (in the basket) that were thrown at everything. They are now sitting in timeout.
I spy the room where a diaper was changed while Colton was standing up running around the room. This is typical for every diaper change of every day.
I spy Colton who sat in time out about 8 times today already.
I spy the bathtub that Colton stood in, kicked in, and screamed in while I spent a whole 30 seconds trying to rinse off the hair from his haircut. He has fought us on baths the past 2 weeks now.
I spy the chair Colton stood on and proceeded to shake until I finally didn't allow him to sit on it anymore.
I spy the can of pear juice Colton spilled on the floor...and THEN slipped in and hit his head (red towel shown to wipe up spill).
I spy raisins that Colton poured on the floor along with countless food items that were each individually thrown and followed with him saying "no no throw food..."

not pictured...I spy a little boy sleeping in his crib 30 mins before naptime because mommy simply cannot handle him anymore. And yes, he screamed his way up to his crib.
Sleep dear Colton. Take a looonnnggg nap. Mommy loves you but doesn't want to see you for a few hours.


Brooke said...

What a day! You poor thing. I hope Colton wakes up a happier boy and you get some major relaxing done during his nap!

p.s. his hair cut looks cute!

Kara said...

Oh Ang, I'm so sorry. I would totally put Grace down early too. I'm sending zen vibes your way. Take a MUCH needed break. Right now I'm mentally preparing myself, thanks for the heads up!

B and C said...

That sounds like a crazy stressful day! I'll bet you are counting down the hours until Mike comes home and you can have a little respite.

Taylor Kowallis said...

Seriously Angela, my girls did the SAME thing at that age!! At the same time!! I feel your pain!! I totally remember the "no bath" stage! SOOOOOO frustrating! The girls would scream and cry until they threw up because they didnt want to take a bath!! I gets better!!! We need to get together! It was good running into you at Costco!!

Sharon said...

That sounds horrible. Sorry about your morning. Hopefully he woke up happy from his nap.

janner said...

It's Friday the 13th duh. All to be expected! haha. I like that you still have a sense of humor enough to turn your frustrating morning into a cute blog. Colton is adorable and I know you'll be happy to see him when he wakes up :)

lyndsey said...

ohhhh colton. be good for your mommy! haha this scares me. i think i'll take my immobile little whiner over a terrible-twos-tantrum-boy any day :)

Jill said...

I think the haircut was the culprit. He hated it, and it got him off on the wrong foot. A good nap should be good for everyone. I hope it was!

He's a baby and he's acting like one. Just because he can walk and talk now doesn't mean he's reasonable. All the timeouts and consequences might not actually be registering with him, just frustrating him.

I think you guys need a change of scenery and to hang out with some friends. It gets mighty lonely for a mom alone with a toddler. The hours can be so long. I appreciate you.

Anderson's said...

I feel like I have had many days like that! Don't worry, it gets better!

Hannah said...

Yeah, Erica used to scream til she threw up--its so frustrating! I would do my best to ignore her, but I also didn't want to have to clean up the contents of her stomach, so it was hard to completely ignore the fit! But for me, ignoring it was the best thing I could do MOST Of the time. So sorry, there's no quick fix!

Yesterday, when I held Erica's hand so she wouldn't run away from me, she told me that "hurting" her was, "not at option."