Sunday, September 12, 2010

keeping busy

I'm too lazy to think of a witty or creative post, so I'll just tell you what we've been up to. We sure lived it up for the last few weeks of summer! Colton has been a blast now that ALL 4 MOLARS are in. It may have taken us all summer, but he did it. He also says evvveeerrryyyything and talks in sentences. My favorite is when Colton was asked by his grammy:
"Colton, you are so cute. Did you know that."
To which he responded with: "I know that."
haha. Cute kid.

Newport Beach to visit great grandma Farrell. Colton loved Newport, but how can you NOT when you are staying at a house on the bay and a mile from the ocean? Colton wasn't so sure about the sand, but did love the bir-days (birds). He also loved great grandma!

PROVO Utah surprise trip to visit Mike's mom for her 50th! The surprise was perfect! We enjoyed spending time with family, skateboarding, and sitting in box seats (thanks Roses!) for the BYU football game.

Lazy days...we also have enjoyed lounging while watching some good 'ol Baby Einstein. I don't know what I would do w/o that show! It's my only 30 mins a day when I can get something done :)

Being crafty. I've been in a "doing" mood recently. Here is one of my fun projects I put together one afternoon: a wipe/diaper case with yellow lining. Cute right?
RUNNNNNING. I'm training for a half marathon in Nov in St. George. So I spend a lot of time running. I love it though. I did my 8 mile run on Sat and felt pretty good. It's a cool feeling to run further than you ever have before!
and that's it!


Sharon said...

Love all the pictures. I think my two favorite are when Colton is getting wet but doesn't look like he minds because he's holding a BYU basketball and the one where he's being lazy on the chair watching baby einstein. although I must say I love the pictures of him with Mike and the one with grandpa. No pictures with the birthday girl, I guess. We'll have to get some next time.

Jill said...

Love all these pictures, and hearing of all your fun activities. Of course, Colton steals the show for cuteness. How fun to see your box seating view of the football game! Looks awesome. And I love your diaper/wipes travel case. As always, your fabric choice is totally stylish. Go, Angie!

Andrea said...

how do u craft such things? I need to learn to sew!

I wish I could run....ahhhhh. You need to get pregnant again. That is just my rude, no weight, unsolicited idea for you.

Hannah said...

Colton is such a stud (which apparently he already knows :) ) Thanks for sharing all of the fun pictures. The wipes case is so cute! When are you going to start making things for me? ha ha, jk. I wish we lived close so that we could all glean from your creative energy.

Jamie Jensen Hill said...

I love your little crafty project! So cute :)

Crystal said...

Colton looks like such a big boy, which makes me sad because that means Schaeffer must be growing up too. Shouldn't they both still be babies?
I love the little wipes cover. I need to get inspired. Harlie was just commenting the other day on how I never use my sewing machine.

Brooke said...

Let me be the first to say that I LOVE your "being crafty" You could start a business or something. Colton is looking so grown up these days! Seeing him in your jogging stroller, he looks like such a big kid- not a baby anymore. I remember when we used to walk when he was just a tiny baby and the stroller looked HUGE!