Friday, October 15, 2010

Fishy Face

Umm....Mike taught Colton a new trick and it is probably my most favorite trick yet: the FISHY FACE. I probably love it so much because he always tries to keep himself from smiling or laughing while he is doing it. Colton, you are one cool kid and mommy's best buddy--love you!

Enjoy :)

(we sing Old MacDonald allllll day long, any favorite creative animal/sound suggestions are welcome)


Baldersons said...

That is adorable...he is one smart little boy!

Jill said...

That is one great fishy face....splash! He looks so adorable, and rolled his eyes so cute. He got a mischievous little look there that reminded me of Jackson! He looks so grown up and expressive! I can't wait to see him soon, and enjoy all the new communication.

Brooke said...

His fighting the smile is definitely my favorite part!

Ryan woke up asking if Colton was coming over again today. Yea, we are fans of your little fish faced cutie!

Hannah said...

I LOVE him...that is one of the best fishy faces I've ever seen.

Sharon said...

That IS about the cutest fishy face I've ever seen. I love how he rolled his eyes to the side, too.

Crystal said...

That is one cute fishy face.
Thanks for the entertainment. I think we just watched Colton's awesome video about 10 times in a row because every time it would end, Schaeffer would yell, "Again" until I played it again. He's a bit upset that I finally told him all done, and is now pulling on my sleeve whinning, "fishy." Ha, ha.