Monday, February 21, 2011


*"Be careful, guy!" yelled Colton up to the man repelling down the rock.* (story continued later)

If I had to describe Colton in a few words, one of them would certainly be cautious. I've watched him take 2 mins to climb down a step at the park. He stops. He analyzes it. He places his hands on a pole...and slloooowwwllyy steps down. I've been known to give him a little push down a slide to finally make him go down. I've seen him stop at a 2 in ramp, get on his tummy, and back down over the 2 in ramp. Colton has never let anyone just randomly hold him besides me and Mike. It took us 7 months to get him to go on his own to nursery.

Don't get me wrong, there are some real benefits to a cautious child...
  • He will NEVER walk off with a stranger or run away
  • He plays on the playground exactly how he's supposed to and doesn't try anything crazy
  • He stays close by my side
  • He is a mama's boy
  • He thinks through things before he does them
  • He's a rather calm child and does a lot of building and playing rather than sprinting and dumping toys


Okay, done with that random analyzing...Now onto the story from today! We went hiking at Red Rock. Just the sight of the big rocks make Colton shake and hold on to me while saying "hold you! hold you!" I eventually got him to step foot on the ground, but he only would when it was the dirt...NOT the rocks. Then...he eventually started walking around...then crawling on the rocks...then walking on the rocks while holding my hand...then walking all by himself. I was so proud of him!
I'm sure the people around us were chuckling at Mike and me praising "Colton, way to go bud! You are walking...on a rock! We are so proud of you!"

I love my cute, cautious, little buddy.


Sharon said...

What an adorable, cautious almost 2-year old!!!

lyndsey said...

haha! that is the cutest. adorable, cautious little colton. i was always very cautious & obedient as a kid too, maybe it comes from being the oldest child.

Crystal said...

Colton is so cute. There are definite benefits to having a child that is more on the cautious side. Schae could use a little more caution sometimes. That looked like such a fun family outing.

Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

Really, Bennett is pretty cautious too. I think he would be more so if he didn't have the free-wheeling independent older brother he does. He learns and gains confidence from Jackson--good and bad.

When we play in the snow, Bennett doesn't like the instability and would rather walk on the ground and play with the snow, not in it.

And for the record, Jackson refused to walk on grass for a long time. A lot of it has to do with the age.

Fun trip!

Chrissi said...

So cute. I wish that Dylan could get a little of Colton's cautiousness. Dylan has no problem flinging himself off furniture and would love nothing more than to run through a parking lot without holding my hand.

Hannah said...

We love our little cautious boy! Very impressive that he walked all by himself, on a rock! Love it.

Jill said...

I love this! I love our careful, thoughtful darling boy. Happy Birthday dear Colton!

becca said...

haha -- "you are walking . . . on a rock!" I love how many steps it took to finally have him walking on his own at Red Rock. Awesome pictures, too.