Saturday, February 12, 2011


In celebration of the upcoming Love Day, I've been feeling a little crafty. So, while visiting Houston, my MIL and I made these adorable wreaths (my MIL is the best!). And the best part is, it was around $7, and I can switch out the middle and use it for the 4th and Christmas too! (burlap cut up and tied around a straw wreath)

Since I'm into NOT spending any money right now, I also made this cute "I love you" sign with scrapbook paper. Not the most original idea, but for $2, it's perfect. Colton even noticed it and now says "mommy loves daddy Colton" every time he sees it.

Since we are talking about Love, I have to mention the 2 loves of my life. My husband Mike, and my little man Colton. These boys bring me so much joy. Mike is world's best husband and dad...doing with Colton...changing name it he does it, all without asking. Colton is the man. He cracks me up and his cheeks are just impossible NOT to kiss. I am very lucky.
Below is Colton's lego creation. He's into matching colors these days.
Below is Colton with friend Ryan at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef. Colton did not believe me that the glass would keep the sharks away, so he enjoyed the view from 20 feet away on these boxes.
Below Colton enjoys the Vegas snow. After about 2 mins he was so soaked that we just went inside. Take note how the snow sticks better to the fake turf over other surfaces. Hooray for fake grass!


Sharon said...

LOVE the post, LOVE the pictures, LOVE all three of you. Happy Valentines Day.

sam and brittney said...

Love the wreath! Wish our time in Houston overlapped. It would have been fun to hang out! I can't believe that Colton made that lego creation! What a smartie pants!

Jill said...

We love you, too! All of you. The wreath is super cute--thanks for posting. I'm glad Colton steers clear of sharks, and that he has Ryan for a friend.

Hannah said...

Wow! A dusting of snow in vegas? How fun. As always your crafts look awesome. We need to live near each other!!

Brooke said...

Your Valentine's decorations are so cute! I love the new wreath! Also I love those two toddler boys who were afraid of the sharks. So fun.

Kristin said...

So, I finally got to see these adorable decorations! You are so talented! Maybe sometime you can help me figure out how to be creative ;)