Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Balancing Act

Life is one big balancing act. As a mother, it gets very tricky keeping all of life's demands in balance. We have children, husband, church, home, work, and ourselves we need to worry about.

Right now, I am way outa balance. In my mind, I feel like I have to give 200 percent of my energy to the "children" category, which leaves nothing for the other categories. While working hard for your kids IS a good thing, neglecting your OWN needs is not good.

It's funny how minimizing our own needs doesn't actually make us more productive in the other areas...for me, it actually does the opposite. The more time I spend on myself, the better and more effective I am in the other areas. Likewise, when I DON'T take time out for myself, the rest of the areas suffer.

So, with are a few things I'm doing to keep myself balanced (aka projects on a student budget):

Project #1: Hoop Wall (completed) $15. Colton's therapy room, needed some wall art, and this was a cheap fun way to do it. That, and we have red couches so it is hard to coordinate with those.

Project #2: Pillows (completed) $15. I also have some yellow ones I made too for an additional $20.

Project #3: New dining set (not started yet). Since the movers lost some of our stuff, we only have 3 kitchen chairs. Living on a student budget, I am going to make this super easy table for $50 and buy these ikea chairs. This table is great because I can make it whatever size I want, it's solid wood, and will take me just a couple hours to make. Total new dining set=less than $300.

Project #4: Curtain (not started) FREE. I also really want to make a ruffle valance (like this, but a valance) out of a sheet for downstairs, but I'm worried my window may be too wide to make the ruffles...hmmm....

And...just is a picture of Colton. Sweet sweet face.
Any other project ideas? Mike starts school in a week, and so I'm going to need a lot more projects to work on in the evenings!


Hannah said...

Ooo--I think the ruffle curtain is awesome, and exactly what I want in my bedroom. It makes me feel cozy :). Still searching for that perfect duvet cover though.

You have such great style! Hm, projects. I feel like I have a bazillion to do myself. How about a photobook of pictures from last year? (I still need to do that) How about you come build me some furniture in the evenings? I'd love to build a picnic table and more shelving. I feel like I ALWAYS need more shelving! :)

Brooke said...

Mmmm. I love those pillows on your red couch. I am definitely in a red, white and blue phase right now and your pillows look so cute. Nicely done. I also love your hoop wall. You are so clever and I bet it adds a ton of color to your play room!

One thing I love more than pillows or hoop walls, however, is your handsome little boy! I love that he is wearing purple. It almost made me think "GO CHARGERS!" but you went to Oakton. Oh well, whatever- GO CHARGERS!

It was great to catch up with you the other night! Miss you!

James Kwon Lee said...

What a strong young man Colton looks to be!
Thanks to the all-encompassing world of the internet I was able to stumble across your wonderful blog! It's great to be able to see what you guys are up to and I have to say congrats on all of the wonderful things life has brought you guys! Be sure to tell Mike I said congrats on such a sweet deal on grad school!
Colton is very lucky to have amazing parents who are assuredly going to be able to overcome anything in life. I have no doubt God will continually bless everything in the Rose household.
And when Colton's ready, we can all sit down and watch Pahntom of the opera together! Keep it up Angela!
James Lee in Houston

Chrissi said...

Cute projects! I love the chevron fabric!

And Colton looks so handsome in the picture!

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter said...

I love your embroidery hoops and the pillows you made! where did you get that awesome chevron fabric? LOVE IT! i want a picture of your book shelves!

Jill said...

First things first: That is one handsome little boy.

And, your decorating is stellar. It is so healthy emotionally and physically to take a little time to be creative and make your environment beautiful. Good for you. Your home is your temple. Love you.

becca said...

Yes, we need to talk in person (or on the phone) about that awesome ruffle curtain. Thank you for introducing me to "chevron" fabric.