Saturday, October 8, 2011


ahhh...(that is a sigh and not a yell)...there is something so wonderful about fall. So rejuvenating, so calming, so cozy, and energizing. I LOVE it. We've been taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather and beauty all around us.

Everywhere I look, drive, see...I just breathe in the beauty and fall colors. (If that makes any sense) It makes me happy. That, and I've been building some which always is good for my soul.

And here are a few pictures of us (and my recent build):

and...the newest addition to the family: My $50 table I built! LOVE love love it. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

That's all for now.


Heidi, Greg, and Jackson said...

Cute pictures! Fall is a great season! And dare I say that is the largest apple on earth? Love the table! Nothing is better than creating something you LOVE for cheap!

Jill said...

Love the table. So simple and elegant. Is it kind of a white wash? Beautiful with the white chairs. And I'm thinking that if you need to expand to six chairs, you could use two of your old chairs at the ends, and they'd sort of go with it, with their metal backs??

Seriously, seeing Colton munching away on that giant apple is like an advertisement for healthy living. The ad could say, "See? You, too, could be this cute if you eat an apple a day!"

Crystal said...

I bet it is so fun to have some "real" Fall weather and colors instead of a Vegas Fall. That is one gigantic apple Colton is eating. I love all the cute pictures and love your new table. It looks great!

becca said...

I have to agree with the other comments -- that apple is practically the size of a pumpkin! Colton must have worked and worked to eat that sucker! My favorite picture, though, is Colton at his high chair with the two small pumpkins. Oh, man, he looks sooooo cute.
Speaking of cute . . . what an amazing table. It looks so streamlined but intriguing. That's my stylistic interpretation for the day.

Anderson's said...

your table is amazing!! maybe i should actually try and make something. i love it!

mikexplorer said...

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Konfusion with a K said...

That is the biggest apple ever, haha. Isn't it nice to have seasons? And real grass lol?