Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas time is here!

It's officially Christmas season in our house! This year we aren't traveling anywhere to see any family, or having any come visit I needed to make sure our house felt magical with just US in it. I'm sure it won't feel the same without family, but decorations sure do help :).

So, HERE is my Christmas-y house...and a house tour, since I never really gave one of our little rental in Ohio. (yes I know, I take terrible pictures)

Here is my newest project. Yeah, it's just a free pallet shelf and birds painted on it. I think it's cool, if you disagree...please don't tell me :)

Here is our playroom and Colton's therapy room! I made those bookshelves for $50 in wood. And I like my cheap hoop wall I put together for a few bucks. I wish I had hundreds of dollars to spend in this room, but I only had a $100 budget which went to pillows and art. We are poor students, what can I say. *Yes, that is a swing. YES, we are that cool*

Happy December everyone!


Greg and Karianne said...

Hey Angela...I found your blog. Creepy right? But your house looks so nice and Christmasy! I need to collect a few more decorations it looks like.

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter said...

you're pretty amazing with those shelves and pallet art! and i love that swing!

Brooke said...

I love it! I saw your bird painted pallets in the first photo and thought to myself, "That's new. and cute. and I bet she made it. She is awesome." And sure enough you did! It's so cute! I also really love your Christmas decorations. It's fun to see them in your new house. You guys will do great alone for Christmas! Although, I am mildly depressed that I won't get to see you in VA. Maybe we can arrange something this summer whenever we figure out where Zach's internship will be. :)

Hannah said...

love the did a cute job the shelves, and pallet and hoop wall art. so crafty! way to go!

Jill said...

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas" could be your theme song in your cozy and beautifully decorated house! We will miss you very much, and you'll probably miss us, but I think you and Mike and Colton have all the makings for a sweet holiday.

lyndsey said...

i LOVE your house! you are amazing. seriously, that basement kills me. love the framed fabric, love the pillows, love the shelves. come to seattle & build stuff for me :) or start your own hgtv show.