Sunday, February 12, 2012

Colton's Room Redo

Disclaimer: I wish I was one of those people that had a wonderful camera and could take beautiful pictures...where everything, even vases/books/beds, look glamorous. One day.)

Colton is turning 3 in a few weeks, I can hardly believe it! I was looking around his room a couple months ago and realizing I still have all his newborn baby pictures up. It was time to get this boy a big boy room!

(however, this big boy room STILL includes a crib because I'm not ready to give it up yet. How old is TOO old to have a child in a crib? I DO have the cutest West Elm striped blue/white bedding and plans to build a darling headboard when the time does come for the switch.)

(first I painted the room a light gray)

So, I have completed PHASE 1 of bedroom redo: wall art
Here is my photo wall. I made the graphic images from ideas I saw online, painted Colton's silhouette/pear, printed photos, and spray painted some cheap frames white. $15 later= my favorite frame wall!

This will be his bedding from West Elm
I also painted this deer silhouette on some wood, and then covered this letter C in some Yarn. $5 for the deer and probably $5 for the C. The C was my most favorite project ever, cute, fast...and super darling.

My MAP! Okay, I give full credit for this idea to this etsy shop. But I simply didn't have $80, so I spent about $10 and made it on my own. Chalkboard fabric, stained dowels, paint marker, and some chalk! I love love love it and can change up the chalk parts whenever I want! $10 = my favorite project ever.

Up next....pillows, curtains, big boy bed, comforter, rug? I am using this fabric for my bed pillow, and his comforter will be the blue/white wide stripes.
and...I made this cute print for Valentine's day (I made it from what I saw here). It makes me happy :)

Decorating is my favorite.


Brooke said...

You are so clever! I wish we lived closer so some of your creativity could rub off on me! Everything looks great! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Taryn said...

So cute, Angela! You did awesome and I love that everything was done so cheap! One thing that excites me about moving is the possibilities of redecorating!!!

Hannah said...

This is all adorable! What amazes me is how you make most of this stuff yourself, and so affordably! I love the little profile of Colton (and the pear). How do you do that? Do you have some way to project images onto your canvas/fabric? Did you just freehand the US Map? I'm just so impressed!!!

Andrea said...

looks great! I love that u do such cute things FOR CHEAP!!! Now, how about u pass along those printables you created!?!

Chanell said...

Wow. Decorating loves you. It looks awesome.

Jill said...

It all looks so attractive and refreshing. How did you end up doing the map? Did you project it somehow? I see that you've marked all the states you've lived, and where family members are. Cool. I love Colton's sweet profile, and the photo choices, and everything else.

Laura Beth said...

Angela, his room looks so great! :) You do the best diy projects.

lyndsey said...

i LOVE IT!!! way to go. you inspire me, lady. that yarn letter is the best idea ever.

The Dawes' said...

So... that map is awesome! I've never seen that before and now I totally want one just like it. The room is great too, way to go! I also love that Colton is still in a crib. Our dr. said Trey would need to switch sometime around 18 months, but even now I can't imagine him in a bed. We'd probably find him asleep halfway down the stairs if it weren't for his crib. I'm all for keeping them in the crib for as long as they stay in, or at least until baby #2 kicks him out :)

becca said...

Oh, awesome. I love each individual art piece and how they look so great grouped together. It really does baffle me how affordably you decorate. I'll probably copy some of your ideas as I'm re-doing my boys' room. I hope mine turns out half as cute!

Chrissi said...

So very cute! I'm starting to brainstorm for Dylan's big boy room and this gives me a lot of great ideas!