Thursday, December 20, 2007

Template Help...please

How do I change my template without losing all my links to blogs and page elements? I copy the code in the edit HTML box and it gets rid of my page elements...any advice?

Weekend Winter Wonderland...

So, this past weekend was SO MUCH FUN. Let me explain.

Mike had been preping me for a surpise all week and I had no idea what it was going to be. I got home from work on Friday and there was a big present wrapped on the table. Inside the present was a message saying, "prepare yourself for a winter wonderland. Pack your bags, we are going up to a cabin in Mt. Charleston (30 mins away). Our friends (who have the cabin) will join us...etc etc." He included an itinerary that included dinner, watching ELF, sledding and other fun activities.

So, Mike and I and our friends Celina and Aaron (his gpa's cabin) went up to the cabin and had a blast. Here are some pictures of the event. It was SO fun to see snow in Vegas. Who would've thought!

Aaron and Mike playing chess. Aaron won...Mike wasn't too happy about that.

Me and Celina cheering for our husbands and smack talking to eachother during the chess game.

The awesome view from the cabin. So fun!

Sledding was so much fun. The only sled we could find was this old fashioned wood sled. These things, with the metal rails can FLY and they don't take ANY cushion. I think I had like 5 bruises on my bum by the time I was done sledding. We decided to call it a quits BEFORE someone got injured :)

Thanks to my husband for such a fun weekend and thanks to Aaron and Celina for letting us stay at the cabin with us!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

35 stitches later...

Enlarge pictures for full effect!

So, it has happened again. Now officially 2 times since we've been married, I find myself standing over my husband while I watch a doctor stitching up his face. Not 5 or 10 stitches, but 35 stitches. Let me explain...

Last night Mike went over to some rich guys house to play racquetball in their racquetball court. At 10 I got a call from Mike saying the following:

Mike: "um, I got hit in the face and so I'm going to get some stitches."
Me: "Is this is a joke"
Mike: "No it's not a joke, Phil (Mike's friend) is going to pick you up and bring you over to the doctors where I'm getting stitched up."
Me: "We're not going to the ER?"
Mike: "No, the guy had a doctor in his ward...he's going to stitch it up"
Me: "How bad is it"
Mike: "Not as deep as last time, I didn't lose any teeth!"
Me: "Of course it's not as deep, last time you had a cut THROUGH your face."

Background: Mike got glass THROUGH his lip (2 in scar) two years ago and it knocked out his tooth. It took 4 surgeries and 1 year for him to finally get the new tooth in.
How it happened: Mike said that someone came up with the bright idea to play doubles (Yes, that's 4 people on one tiny racquetball court). The guy on his team, the owner of the home, wacked Mike in the face hard with one of his swings.

Mike's friend comes to pick me up:

Phil: "Mike was really good about it, didn't freak out...said it wasn't as deep as last looks pretty deep to me. It looks like you could fit a quarter in it."
Me: "Awesome. Who's stitching it?"
Phil: "An OB/GYN"
Me: "Ugh, I don't think they do face stitches...they only stitch up women after they deliver places you DON'T see. Is this a good idea?"
Phil: "Ugh, yeah. I think he's done it before"

So, I go to the doctor's office and find Mike on the table, just like before, with the doctor over him pulling the needle and thread through is beautiful face. Blood is on the sheet and his face, I don't like it...but I can handle it. I'm not a very squeemish girl (sp?). I ask the doctor what layer of stitiches he is on and he informs me he's already done 3 layers. Mike always does say, "Go big or go home!" The doctor was like, "whoa, I've never seen something this deep, wow." Not a very comforting comment to a wife that was already skeptical. After the doctor finished (it did look like his did a good job) I casually asked the doctor if he'd ever stitched a face before. He responded that he does a lot of stitching (I knew that part) and he's done a lot of family members, scouts etc. haha, oh gosh.

So, Mike was very good about the whole thing. He didn't cry (I think he is actually incapable of crying). He said this will make him look cool because now he has 2 scars.

So, you'd think Mike would be at home today...recovering, but no...he's out golfing with a potential client. This could be a good client so Mike couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Hopefully we don't have to get stitches again any time soon.

Monday, December 3, 2007

'Tis the Season...

Hooray, December is finally here...and along with that comes fun decorations, gift giving, and lots of fun Christmas activities. This year we opted NOT to buy a big Christmas tree and just re-use the one we already have...which is 1 ft tall. To make up for it, Mike and I made a gingerbread house this weekend. Well, I'm not going to lie..."made", as in, bought the kit for $8 at Target. It was the best $8 I ever spent though. As usual, Mike did the decorating and made me do the frosting so his hands wouldn't get messy. haha. is the Rose household, all Christmas-ed out. Enjoy!

The lovely gingerbread house, designed by Mike. This year, he intentionally DIDN'T do a pattern on the roof. We think it looks pretty "modern, sophisticated, and sleek."The lovely Christmas tree! we put ALL our ornaments on the tree, hopefully it doesn't topple over from the weight. The mantle is decorated and the top of our entertainment center.

YEAH for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turkey and Basketball

So, like a good Rose family member...I celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday in the proper way...centered around basketball. BYU basketball came to Vegas for a tournament, so magically ALL the Roses ended up in Vegas for the long weekend. If Mike's not spending Thanksgiving playing for BYU...we might as well spend Thanksgiving watching BYU basketball.
We spent Thanksgiving day in St. George and enjoyed spending the day with our grandparents and cousins. The food was great!

The rest of the weekend we watched basketball including BYU BEATING #6 Louisville and almost beating #1 UNC. We also enjoyed watching BYU football beat Utah. Needless to say, the Roses were happy and cheerful from the wins, so I was grateful. Mike's parents stayed at our house and we had a blast!

Besides me having to yell at the BYU fan next to me who was screaming in my ear for the entire first half...I'd say it was a very successful break. I set up for Christmas this Monday at my house and Christmas is in the air! Even with our 1 1/2 ft tree, I still love our house :)

Hooray for holidays!
The boys chilling while the girls get dinner ready :)

Maybe...a little too much basketball? Mike's g'parents looks a little worn out.

Happy during halftime of the Louisville game. (the BYU fan to the side of me is the one that was SCREAMING non stop during the first half until I yelled, "that's it that's it. No more screaming...sorry!")

Coach Rose with Coach Roy Williams from UNC

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CA trip

So, last weekend Mike and I took a road trip to CA to visit my mom, sister and baby that were in town visiting my other sister.

Once reaching my sister's house, Mike strapped on some basketball shoes and went to play in the ward bball game with my bro-in-law. Although Mike put up a good showing, including about half the team's points...they didn't pull out the W (win). After the game, guys from the other team asked him, "aren't you playing with BYU tomorrow vs. Long Beach." Mike's response was, "No, I graduated. Just church ball now." haha, how sad is that? Oh well, it was fun watching him play with our bro-in-law Matt (picture below after the game).

Saturday we played with the kids and I got to hang out with my mom and sisters! It was so fun spending time with them, I wish I lived closer :( . In the afternoon Mike, Matt and I went to the BYU vs. Long Beach game where we won by 40 points! Mike wished he could've gone in the game since there were a lot of wide open threes. That night we hung out some more with the family. My niece Megan loved putting on my necklaces and Erica had fun with the balloon. Sunday we got to see the primary program, which was awesome and hysterical. I was proud to see my two nephews singing every word of every song. (picture below of my mom with my two nieces doing "This Little Piggy)
So, now I'm back in Las Vegas. I'm excited for Thanksgiving next week and all our family that is coming into town. Yeah for holidays!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sisters :)

So, I've decided that sisters are the best. I love my two sisters, they are totally my best friends. Unfortunately I don't live in the same state as my sisters, so I don't get to see them as much as I want. But, last sister Becca came to visit me and Mike in Las Vegas for her birthday. It was her first weekend away from the kids in 6 years! Whoa.

We all went out to eat Friday night at Mimi's. We managed to NOT feed Becca the carrot-raison-nut bread, which would've probably killed her since she's allergic to nuts! On Saturday, we all went to see the model home of our new house, went shopping at the outlets, went to Pottery Barn, ate at Coldstone and watched "Stanger Than Fiction." We finished off the weekend on Sunday morning by going to early an HOUR EARLY because we forgot to change our clocks. haha.

It was a great weekend, and it was so much fun being with my sister. I love you Becca!

*I dearly love my sister Hannah also! I get to see her and her darling girl this weekend, and I'm so excited! I LOVE SISTERS.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween costumes...

We dressed up for Halloween this year...for the FIRST time. Yes, it was planned only 3 hours before our ward party...but we did it! It was even Mike's idea, which was very surprising coming from a guy who has zero excitement for Halloween. We were inspired by Jim from The Office... we are a pair of dice! I think that was fitting since we live in Las Vegas. So, here is the costume.We even had dots on the back.
That's our new bishop (Mike's golfing buddy) peeking behind us. haha.
I left this bowl outside my house for the kids in the neighborhood. When I came back, it was still totally full :( I guess we didn't have ANY trick-of-treaters. How sad.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Ring...MWC Champs!

So, it has finally arrived. The ring....the most coveted ring of all rings: The Mountain West Conference Men's Basketball Champion ring. We've been waiting since last March to get it, and it finally came in the mail on Tuesday. It took so long becasue they first time they made them, the ring said "Moutain" without the "N". Mike was so excited to sport his huge ring to work with all the UNLV, Utah, and SUU fans. He created quite the scene.
Mike created SO much chaos even, that people started to retaliate. Here is what one Utah fan made during his lunch break (below). Notice the little red "U"s taped to the rings.
I am so proud of Mike for all his accomplishments in basketball. It's weird to have the season starting without us. I have to remember how stressful it was, and then maybe I'll be okay that he's not playing anymore. Actually, Mike has his first city league game tonight...pretty exciting!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday Adventures...Red Rock!

So, Mike's birthday was pretty fun last week. We celebrated on Friday by eating out at Olive Garden. Mike at his favorite, Tour of Italy, which he gets everytime he goes. On Saturday, we woke up and drove to Red Rock State Park (only 10 minutes away). Mike and I orginally were just going to do an easy hike...but instead we started climbing over rocks and making our own path!
We scrambled all the way to the top of the rocks! Don't worry mom, we were safe...only a couple of scratches from bushes. (I set the timer on my camera for this picture!)
We started all the way down at those farthest rocks.
Nice pose huh? I think we should get family pictures here!
Me and the pretty view...possibly the only actual pretty view in Las Vegas. haha. Okay, I'm spoiled growing up in VA. Deseret with no green isn't what I call pretty...but this actually is pretty.
It was awesome and Mike and I even learned to appreciate Vegas a little more. Here's to many more hikes in the Red Rocks! If you come visit us, we'll take you up there.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Mike!

Mike turned 23 on Thursday. We celebrated with with food, cards, candy and a Red Rock adventure (pictures coming soon). Happy Birthday to my Mike, the coolest guy I know! Good thing he's always been so cool (See picture below :) Apparently he used to have to wear the hat and glasses everytime he ate...haha)

Monday, October 8, 2007

PICTURES! Yes, we have pictures folks.

So, Mike and I haven't been able to get pictures off our camera for 3 months, so here is the last 3 super speed.
Mike and I went to CA to visit with my family. Here is a picture of me with baby Megan (my sis, Becca's, daughter)
Here is a picture of me Jennifer, my cousin, and my sister Becca on the beach. We know how to work it.
Mike and I went with our good friend Mark to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. It was awesome.
Me and Mike on the stairs to the Phantom theater.
After the show, me, Mike and Mark strolled the strip. We only saaw 4 arrests. haha, Las Vegas. Last month Mike and I went to CA to visit my sister and her family and we saw the BYU UCLA football game.
Go cougars. Isn't it funny that when we lived in Provo, we wouldn't really go to football games...but now that we graduated, we are hard core and drive hours to almost every game.
Hooray, Mike and I went to contract on a house. Here is our lot, inbetween the two houses. Those poles won't be there when we move in :). We are so excited.

Saturday, October 6, 2007 the grocery store

It's not every day that great talent gets discovered in a grocery, but today was not every day.

Here's the story:

I am always very reluctant to go to the grocery by myself...and especially at night. Well, tonight I confirmed why I maybe will never go to the grocery store by myself again.

It was 8:00 and so I decided it was safe for me to venture on my own to Smith's grocery store. While looking at the cute fall decoratations I found myself singing quietly, like I usually do. I was doing a kinda humming, singing thing. This is something I usually do, especially in elevators, walking in the parking lot and in stores when I don't see many people around me. Well, while I was singing to myself tonight, I apparently wasn't as alone as I thought. An older man walked up behing me and says, "Do you sing?" First of all, this is a funny question...everyone sings, and since I was just singing to myself, obviously I do sing.

"Kinda. Just for myself."

"Why, just yourself," he answers (His name is Dimitris. Of course it's Dimitris, what a name. REAL PICTURE ABOVE)

"Because I have a full time job..." I found myself justifying why I didn't have a career in music, "I used to sing in high school and college. But now I just do my job and sing for fun."

"I'm a composer," he says. (Dimitris...composer...of course, what a composer name)

Great...I'm thinking, "Why didn't Mike come with me tonight..."

"I've written an opera. You would be good in it," he continued. "You could be a good Princess Diana."

Here's the real kicker.

"You have the voice, and the looks. You look good. You look really good," he finished, eyeing my somewhat oddly.

"Oh, no you didn't," I'm thinking.

After giving me his business card and insisting on mine and not believing me that I didn't have one. We parted ways and I promised him I would look at his web site.

So, if next week I am somehow famous in Vegas in some know where I was discovered.

**Here is the link to the website he gave me Check it out! haha.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Necklace Found!

Thank you everyone for your nice comments. I got a call yesterday from my Aunt who said that she found the necklace hidden in a crack on the bathroom countertop! I was so excited. So excited in fact that I was totally productive last night and made dinnner, did laundry, cleaned, ran, made cookies and decided that I really want to buy this house Mike and I have been thinking about. haha.

I don't know if we are actually going to buy the house, but it was fun to pretend like I had decided. Also, in the course of finding my necklace...I decided I wanted to do my visiting teaching, visit the temple, and be a better person. haha. It's funny how finding something can make you that happy!

Well, on another note, here is a link to a virtual tour of the home (just the model home) we want to buy (click on the blue virtual tour buttom). Our exterior would look different than the one pictured, but this gives you an idea. Tell me what you think!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The lost necklace...

Is there anything more frustrating than losing something? I think not! Especially when I am usually a very responsible person and I don't normally lose things. Well, this weekend my luck turned for the worse.

I lost my diamond necklace that Mike gave me last year. Yeah, you heard diamond necklace. It's all I can think about. I know I had it when I went to the BYU vs. Air Force game and can swear that I took it off that night at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Sunday when driving back I realized I wasn't wearing it. I called and left a message on my Aunt's phone telling her to check the bathroom, since I was very confident it was there. Last night I called her again and she said it wasn't there! I have no idea where else it could be, I am almost positive it is there in the carpet or something.

On top of that, Mike and I got a ticket for going 83 in a 75. This was an expensive trip!

I wish I could drive back to Utah just to look for it...

So if any of you see a beautiful necklace that looks like the picture above...let me know

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pictures :(

I would like to apologize to everyone for no pictures! I am still having issues with pulling the pictures off of my camera. I might just have to download the software on my work computer. Don't give up on my blogs, I promise I'll eventually have awesome picture postings every week!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Summer Fun!

(I'll add pictures to this entry tomorrow)

Mike and I have been living it up for the last 3 weekends. We took a trip to CA to visit family and had a day at the beach. We got a little too much sun, I think I am still peeling. We also had a good time watching HS Musical 2.

The next weekend we had a friend visit us. We all went to see was amazing. The stage and effects they did were spectacular. We then decided to stroll the strip since we hadn't ever done that even though we live here. We did see 4 arrests, but was fun. We went into ESPN Zone and I actually beat Mike and his friend in basketball (that probably won't ever happen again). After walking all the way to one end of the strip to see the lions in the MGM, they WEREN'T there. They must've been out roaming on the strip. We finished off the night with some Haagen Daas ice cream. The 6 dollar scoop was totally worth it. The next night we played King Tutt mini golf.

*Disclaimer: if I have any spelling problems, my sisters or mother will most likely point them out to me. Thanks for checking up on my grammar!

Last weekend we went to LA again. On Friday Mike and I hung out with a friend he met through BYU bball camps. He even got to play some ball with a bunch of high school kids! Saturday we drove to Becca's and got ready for the BYU vs. UCLA game. The game was fun, but could've been better had we won. Surprisingly, Mike is still getting some attention...a father even requested a picture of Mike and his son. haha, oh basketball. We spent the remainder of the weekend with Becca, Matt and the much fun! We even pretended like we were snakes, mere cats (sp?), goats, lions and much more.

Life is fun, next item of busines is getting my sister Becca to visit me in LV...without the kids...

Friday, August 31, 2007

The Game of Tag

4 Jobs I've Had
Helper at OB/GYN doctor's office
Receptionist at Learning Resource Center at BYU
Public Relations Specialist at Nu Skin Enterprises
Media/Marketing Manager at Leavitt Insurance Agency

4 Movies I could watch over and over
10 Things I Hate About You
old family videos of us Farrells as kids
Re-runs of Mike's BYU bball games (I know, I'm lame)

4 Places I've Lived
Herndon, VA
Provo, UT
Las Vegas, NV
...the future will tell

4 Favorite TV Shows
The Office
American Idol
The Hills
My Boys

4 Favorite Foods
Anything involving choclate
Food involving cheese

4 Websites I Check Often
blogger, for sure (I get board at work sometimes)
KB (I want to buy a new house (I have to keep my reputation up for being a girl that knows sports with all the guys) (I'm a money hoarder)

4 Hobbies I Enjoy
hanging out with Mike
dreaming about my future beautiful home!

I am out of breath now and too tired to tag anyone. Feel free to tag yourself!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

When Sunbeams Make You Cry...

Yes, it's true. My sunbeams made me cry today. Well, not my sunbeams...just ONE sunbeam.

Here's the story. I have a class of 6 kids. Mostly girls, all of which are fantastic. Who cares that they like to be ballarina's in the middle of sharing time or eat extra cups of goldfish...they are really good kids. They say prayers, they answer questions, they giggle, they are goofy...but who cares, they are good kids.

And then there is Triston. Don't let his little blue eyes and dimples fool you. He can changes personalities in a heartbeat. One moment he'll be telling you a secret and the next he'll tell you he hates you and start hitting other children.

So, today I came prepared...or so I thought. I came up with a little chart with jobs for the kids to remember while sitting in sharing time.

A hand: to remember to keep our hands to ourselves
A chair: to remember to sit in our chairs
A mouth: to remember to talk in quiet voices

The first 30 mintues went well and then it started. Triston- "I don't want to be nice..aghhh!!" "I hate this song" "I don't like you" "This is my evil voice"

Then he starts scooting in his chair across the sharing time room. I take him and put him on my lap since he keeps doing it....he grabs my arm with his fingernails and starts pinching. Finally he stops with me threatening to get his dad. (I hate to resort to that).

Then in class...he chucks the goldfish across the room, he spills all my little marbles on the floor, he tries to lock himself in the closet, he rams his chair up against my legs, he squishes himself between the chairs and the walls, he holds his fist like he is going to punch me. Meanwhile, it's not like I'm a bad teacher. We are playing all the really fun games with finding animals, acting out pioneer songs and everything.

Triston starts getting crazier and crazier and I try to ignore him. But, then I can't take it anymore and all the other kids are getting weirded out by him too. Instead of them being fun, they are all just sitting there and watching Triston self destruct.

I look at Triston and say, "you are making me very sad today."

Class ends, his dad comes and Triston chucks the crayons on the ground and walks out the door.

"That wasn't very nice," said Triston's dad, "say thank you."

"thank you," says Triston and he walks out the door.

Mike comes to the door and asks me how class went...and that's when I started crying. The other kids were so busy coloring they didn't notice.

I hope I don't cry every week I leave church, but I might.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Stupid Machines

So, I've been so excited about posting about my CA trip last weekend. But, before I posted I needed to put my pictures on my computer. You can't post about a vacation without any pictures! So, last night I try and put the pictures on my computer and, for some unknown reason, it kept telling me that it couldn't format the F: drive. What?

This has been a week of frustrating machine experiences. Currently at work, my Internet is going in and out. Our computer magically decided to erase our itunes, and I've been trying to change people's email signatures at my office and add a picture...yet everyone's computers treat the pictures differently.

So, morale of the story is...I promise I will post soon, once I get control over my dumb machines.

Is there anything more frustrating?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tag...I'm it

7 Random Things About Me

1. I hate it when Mike wastes money on Powerade and other drinks, but after we bring them home I drink them like crazy. Kinda silly.

2. I know more about the PGA tour and the golf players than the leaders of this country. Sad, I know.

3. For some reason the sun in Vegas isn't strong because even without sunscreen in the middle of the afternoon, I am not getting burned (or any color). Maybe my skin has stopped being able to tan?

4. When Brittany Spears was smaller and less crazy, and I was a little larger...people used to tell me we looked alike. I didn't think it was a compliment.

5. I liked eating food SO much more before I started cooking. It's like when I cook, I can taste each individual ingredient that goes into it...instead of enjoying the end result. (I especially now notice the little string fat things in the chicken...yuck, I can't stand those)

6. I love to run and don't love to drink water...meaning, I go almost the entire day without drinking at all. I think that is the reason I get cramps sometimes when I run.

7. I have about 4 TV shows everynight that I look forward to watching. Tonight, I have So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent, Flip That House and Fore Inventors Only. I have got to get a new hobby.

I tag Becca Cardon, Lynds Payzant, and Brittany Birnel (you do this in your blog)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cinnamon rolls...or not?

Okay, so here's a word of advice for all you enrichment leaders in your ward...if you advertise putting on an enrichment activity simply titled "Cinnamon rolls", there better as HECK be a lot of cinnamon rolls involved. I mean, obviously an activity titled cinnamon rolls would probably involved people making, cooking and EATING cinnamon rolls. Right?

So, let me tell you about MY "Cinnamon roll" enrichment activity. I show up and there is a bowl of pre-made cinnamon rolls. So, I go over to grab one thinking, "wow, I didn't have to really work hard for this. Nice!" I look in the bowl and there are these small cinnamon rolls (which isn't a problem) but they are EACH cut in HALF. Yes, ladies and gentlement and whopping half of a small cinnamon roll. I then proceeded to sit in a chair and watch a lady explain a painstaking process of babying the yeast and buying and sewing cloth which the dough can then be rolled onto...I think I chatted in the back of the room the whole time (kinda felt like I was in beehives again. haha).
Meanwhile, I'm sitting there the whole time going, "Are you serious? It's called a bread machine! Put the ingredients in there and're practically done." right? One person asked, "so, how long do you plan on being home for making the cinnamon rolls," the lady doing the demonstration responded, "oh, pretty much all afternoon. Yes, I would stay home and be in my kitchen all afternoon."

The demonstration ended and I talked for a while hoping that more cinnamon rolls would come out, since I'd only had a half and I told my darling husband I would bring him home some. I ended up leaving, empty handed and with a less than full tummy.

Wow, maybe it's that I work from 8 to 5 and am TOTALLY not domestic. But, I'm pretty sure a young mother with little children ALSO wouldn't be able to sacrifice an entire afternoon making cinnamon rolls.

I think I'll stick with my bread machine cinnamon rolls, thank you very much.

NOTE: to all mothers who DO spend all afternoon making cinnamon rolls. I'm sure your rolls are a lot better than mine, so take pride in that. Sorry it took you all afternoon to make them.

Monday, July 23, 2007, life and more

So, Mike and I have officially started our new jobs. Everything is going pretty well, but, like always, it is difficult at first. My first day I was shown to my new work area, which I must a lot nicer than my last 4 by 5 ft cubicle. This one has actual walls with paint! Very exciting.

So, I get to my desk and am handed a huge Dell box with a "I hear you are tech-saavy. Go ahead and set this all up and get connected to the networks. Oh, if you need can call me, but I hear you are good at this sort of thing." What? As everyone in my family would tell you, I am the most anti-tech-saavy person ever, but when you have a new job you have to live and exceed everyone's expectations. So, tech-saavy it is. I dug to the bottom of the box and I found this tiny little laptop. Seriously, I thought, "How in the heck am I going to use this computer screen for 8 hours a day. I can't even see the screen, none the less even fit my fingers on the keyboard to type!" After freaking out all day, I found out that I also had an external it was okay, whew, disaster avoided.

All and all, the job is going well. Mike is learning a lot and golfing a lot :) Although jobs are going well, I've noticed some other things lacking. I have been really bad at bad in fact, that I don't think I've cooked more than 2 meals since I moved a month ago. The picture below says it all. I seriously was eating a plain waffle when Mike snapped a picture with the camera.
On another note, I'm the new sunbeam teacher. That'll be an adventure.