Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Ring...MWC Champs!

So, it has finally arrived. The ring....the most coveted ring of all rings: The Mountain West Conference Men's Basketball Champion ring. We've been waiting since last March to get it, and it finally came in the mail on Tuesday. It took so long becasue they first time they made them, the ring said "Moutain" without the "N". Mike was so excited to sport his huge ring to work with all the UNLV, Utah, and SUU fans. He created quite the scene.
Mike created SO much chaos even, that people started to retaliate. Here is what one Utah fan made during his lunch break (below). Notice the little red "U"s taped to the rings.
I am so proud of Mike for all his accomplishments in basketball. It's weird to have the season starting without us. I have to remember how stressful it was, and then maybe I'll be okay that he's not playing anymore. Actually, Mike has his first city league game tonight...pretty exciting!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday Adventures...Red Rock!

So, Mike's birthday was pretty fun last week. We celebrated on Friday by eating out at Olive Garden. Mike at his favorite, Tour of Italy, which he gets everytime he goes. On Saturday, we woke up and drove to Red Rock State Park (only 10 minutes away). Mike and I orginally were just going to do an easy hike...but instead we started climbing over rocks and making our own path!
We scrambled all the way to the top of the rocks! Don't worry mom, we were safe...only a couple of scratches from bushes. (I set the timer on my camera for this picture!)
We started all the way down at those farthest rocks.
Nice pose huh? I think we should get family pictures here!
Me and the pretty view...possibly the only actual pretty view in Las Vegas. haha. Okay, I'm spoiled growing up in VA. Deseret with no green isn't what I call pretty...but this actually is pretty.
It was awesome and Mike and I even learned to appreciate Vegas a little more. Here's to many more hikes in the Red Rocks! If you come visit us, we'll take you up there.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Mike!

Mike turned 23 on Thursday. We celebrated with with food, cards, candy and a Red Rock adventure (pictures coming soon). Happy Birthday to my Mike, the coolest guy I know! Good thing he's always been so cool (See picture below :) Apparently he used to have to wear the hat and glasses everytime he ate...haha)

Monday, October 8, 2007

PICTURES! Yes, we have pictures folks.

So, Mike and I haven't been able to get pictures off our camera for 3 months, so here is the last 3 super speed.
Mike and I went to CA to visit with my family. Here is a picture of me with baby Megan (my sis, Becca's, daughter)
Here is a picture of me Jennifer, my cousin, and my sister Becca on the beach. We know how to work it.
Mike and I went with our good friend Mark to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. It was awesome.
Me and Mike on the stairs to the Phantom theater.
After the show, me, Mike and Mark strolled the strip. We only saaw 4 arrests. haha, Las Vegas. Last month Mike and I went to CA to visit my sister and her family and we saw the BYU UCLA football game.
Go cougars. Isn't it funny that when we lived in Provo, we wouldn't really go to football games...but now that we graduated, we are hard core and drive hours to almost every game.
Hooray, Mike and I went to contract on a house. Here is our lot, inbetween the two houses. Those poles won't be there when we move in :). We are so excited.

Saturday, October 6, 2007 the grocery store

It's not every day that great talent gets discovered in a grocery, but today was not every day.

Here's the story:

I am always very reluctant to go to the grocery by myself...and especially at night. Well, tonight I confirmed why I maybe will never go to the grocery store by myself again.

It was 8:00 and so I decided it was safe for me to venture on my own to Smith's grocery store. While looking at the cute fall decoratations I found myself singing quietly, like I usually do. I was doing a kinda humming, singing thing. This is something I usually do, especially in elevators, walking in the parking lot and in stores when I don't see many people around me. Well, while I was singing to myself tonight, I apparently wasn't as alone as I thought. An older man walked up behing me and says, "Do you sing?" First of all, this is a funny question...everyone sings, and since I was just singing to myself, obviously I do sing.

"Kinda. Just for myself."

"Why, just yourself," he answers (His name is Dimitris. Of course it's Dimitris, what a name. REAL PICTURE ABOVE)

"Because I have a full time job..." I found myself justifying why I didn't have a career in music, "I used to sing in high school and college. But now I just do my job and sing for fun."

"I'm a composer," he says. (Dimitris...composer...of course, what a composer name)

Great...I'm thinking, "Why didn't Mike come with me tonight..."

"I've written an opera. You would be good in it," he continued. "You could be a good Princess Diana."

Here's the real kicker.

"You have the voice, and the looks. You look good. You look really good," he finished, eyeing my somewhat oddly.

"Oh, no you didn't," I'm thinking.

After giving me his business card and insisting on mine and not believing me that I didn't have one. We parted ways and I promised him I would look at his web site.

So, if next week I am somehow famous in Vegas in some know where I was discovered.

**Here is the link to the website he gave me Check it out! haha.