Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turkey and Basketball

So, like a good Rose family member...I celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday in the proper way...centered around basketball. BYU basketball came to Vegas for a tournament, so magically ALL the Roses ended up in Vegas for the long weekend. If Mike's not spending Thanksgiving playing for BYU...we might as well spend Thanksgiving watching BYU basketball.
We spent Thanksgiving day in St. George and enjoyed spending the day with our grandparents and cousins. The food was great!

The rest of the weekend we watched basketball including BYU BEATING #6 Louisville and almost beating #1 UNC. We also enjoyed watching BYU football beat Utah. Needless to say, the Roses were happy and cheerful from the wins, so I was grateful. Mike's parents stayed at our house and we had a blast!

Besides me having to yell at the BYU fan next to me who was screaming in my ear for the entire first half...I'd say it was a very successful break. I set up for Christmas this Monday at my house and Christmas is in the air! Even with our 1 1/2 ft tree, I still love our house :)

Hooray for holidays!
The boys chilling while the girls get dinner ready :)

Maybe...a little too much basketball? Mike's g'parents looks a little worn out.

Happy during halftime of the Louisville game. (the BYU fan to the side of me is the one that was SCREAMING non stop during the first half until I yelled, "that's it that's it. No more screaming...sorry!")

Coach Rose with Coach Roy Williams from UNC

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CA trip

So, last weekend Mike and I took a road trip to CA to visit my mom, sister and baby that were in town visiting my other sister.

Once reaching my sister's house, Mike strapped on some basketball shoes and went to play in the ward bball game with my bro-in-law. Although Mike put up a good showing, including about half the team's points...they didn't pull out the W (win). After the game, guys from the other team asked him, "aren't you playing with BYU tomorrow vs. Long Beach." Mike's response was, "No, I graduated. Just church ball now." haha, how sad is that? Oh well, it was fun watching him play with our bro-in-law Matt (picture below after the game).

Saturday we played with the kids and I got to hang out with my mom and sisters! It was so fun spending time with them, I wish I lived closer :( . In the afternoon Mike, Matt and I went to the BYU vs. Long Beach game where we won by 40 points! Mike wished he could've gone in the game since there were a lot of wide open threes. That night we hung out some more with the family. My niece Megan loved putting on my necklaces and Erica had fun with the balloon. Sunday we got to see the primary program, which was awesome and hysterical. I was proud to see my two nephews singing every word of every song. (picture below of my mom with my two nieces doing "This Little Piggy)
So, now I'm back in Las Vegas. I'm excited for Thanksgiving next week and all our family that is coming into town. Yeah for holidays!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sisters :)

So, I've decided that sisters are the best. I love my two sisters, they are totally my best friends. Unfortunately I don't live in the same state as my sisters, so I don't get to see them as much as I want. But, last sister Becca came to visit me and Mike in Las Vegas for her birthday. It was her first weekend away from the kids in 6 years! Whoa.

We all went out to eat Friday night at Mimi's. We managed to NOT feed Becca the carrot-raison-nut bread, which would've probably killed her since she's allergic to nuts! On Saturday, we all went to see the model home of our new house, went shopping at the outlets, went to Pottery Barn, ate at Coldstone and watched "Stanger Than Fiction." We finished off the weekend on Sunday morning by going to early an HOUR EARLY because we forgot to change our clocks. haha.

It was a great weekend, and it was so much fun being with my sister. I love you Becca!

*I dearly love my sister Hannah also! I get to see her and her darling girl this weekend, and I'm so excited! I LOVE SISTERS.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween costumes...

We dressed up for Halloween this year...for the FIRST time. Yes, it was planned only 3 hours before our ward party...but we did it! It was even Mike's idea, which was very surprising coming from a guy who has zero excitement for Halloween. We were inspired by Jim from The Office... we are a pair of dice! I think that was fitting since we live in Las Vegas. So, here is the costume.We even had dots on the back.
That's our new bishop (Mike's golfing buddy) peeking behind us. haha.
I left this bowl outside my house for the kids in the neighborhood. When I came back, it was still totally full :( I guess we didn't have ANY trick-of-treaters. How sad.