Thursday, December 20, 2007

Template Help...please

How do I change my template without losing all my links to blogs and page elements? I copy the code in the edit HTML box and it gets rid of my page elements...any advice?

Weekend Winter Wonderland...

So, this past weekend was SO MUCH FUN. Let me explain.

Mike had been preping me for a surpise all week and I had no idea what it was going to be. I got home from work on Friday and there was a big present wrapped on the table. Inside the present was a message saying, "prepare yourself for a winter wonderland. Pack your bags, we are going up to a cabin in Mt. Charleston (30 mins away). Our friends (who have the cabin) will join us...etc etc." He included an itinerary that included dinner, watching ELF, sledding and other fun activities.

So, Mike and I and our friends Celina and Aaron (his gpa's cabin) went up to the cabin and had a blast. Here are some pictures of the event. It was SO fun to see snow in Vegas. Who would've thought!

Aaron and Mike playing chess. Aaron won...Mike wasn't too happy about that.

Me and Celina cheering for our husbands and smack talking to eachother during the chess game.

The awesome view from the cabin. So fun!

Sledding was so much fun. The only sled we could find was this old fashioned wood sled. These things, with the metal rails can FLY and they don't take ANY cushion. I think I had like 5 bruises on my bum by the time I was done sledding. We decided to call it a quits BEFORE someone got injured :)

Thanks to my husband for such a fun weekend and thanks to Aaron and Celina for letting us stay at the cabin with us!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

35 stitches later...

Enlarge pictures for full effect!

So, it has happened again. Now officially 2 times since we've been married, I find myself standing over my husband while I watch a doctor stitching up his face. Not 5 or 10 stitches, but 35 stitches. Let me explain...

Last night Mike went over to some rich guys house to play racquetball in their racquetball court. At 10 I got a call from Mike saying the following:

Mike: "um, I got hit in the face and so I'm going to get some stitches."
Me: "Is this is a joke"
Mike: "No it's not a joke, Phil (Mike's friend) is going to pick you up and bring you over to the doctors where I'm getting stitched up."
Me: "We're not going to the ER?"
Mike: "No, the guy had a doctor in his ward...he's going to stitch it up"
Me: "How bad is it"
Mike: "Not as deep as last time, I didn't lose any teeth!"
Me: "Of course it's not as deep, last time you had a cut THROUGH your face."

Background: Mike got glass THROUGH his lip (2 in scar) two years ago and it knocked out his tooth. It took 4 surgeries and 1 year for him to finally get the new tooth in.
How it happened: Mike said that someone came up with the bright idea to play doubles (Yes, that's 4 people on one tiny racquetball court). The guy on his team, the owner of the home, wacked Mike in the face hard with one of his swings.

Mike's friend comes to pick me up:

Phil: "Mike was really good about it, didn't freak out...said it wasn't as deep as last looks pretty deep to me. It looks like you could fit a quarter in it."
Me: "Awesome. Who's stitching it?"
Phil: "An OB/GYN"
Me: "Ugh, I don't think they do face stitches...they only stitch up women after they deliver places you DON'T see. Is this a good idea?"
Phil: "Ugh, yeah. I think he's done it before"

So, I go to the doctor's office and find Mike on the table, just like before, with the doctor over him pulling the needle and thread through is beautiful face. Blood is on the sheet and his face, I don't like it...but I can handle it. I'm not a very squeemish girl (sp?). I ask the doctor what layer of stitiches he is on and he informs me he's already done 3 layers. Mike always does say, "Go big or go home!" The doctor was like, "whoa, I've never seen something this deep, wow." Not a very comforting comment to a wife that was already skeptical. After the doctor finished (it did look like his did a good job) I casually asked the doctor if he'd ever stitched a face before. He responded that he does a lot of stitching (I knew that part) and he's done a lot of family members, scouts etc. haha, oh gosh.

So, Mike was very good about the whole thing. He didn't cry (I think he is actually incapable of crying). He said this will make him look cool because now he has 2 scars.

So, you'd think Mike would be at home today...recovering, but no...he's out golfing with a potential client. This could be a good client so Mike couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Hopefully we don't have to get stitches again any time soon.

Monday, December 3, 2007

'Tis the Season...

Hooray, December is finally here...and along with that comes fun decorations, gift giving, and lots of fun Christmas activities. This year we opted NOT to buy a big Christmas tree and just re-use the one we already have...which is 1 ft tall. To make up for it, Mike and I made a gingerbread house this weekend. Well, I'm not going to lie..."made", as in, bought the kit for $8 at Target. It was the best $8 I ever spent though. As usual, Mike did the decorating and made me do the frosting so his hands wouldn't get messy. haha. is the Rose household, all Christmas-ed out. Enjoy!

The lovely gingerbread house, designed by Mike. This year, he intentionally DIDN'T do a pattern on the roof. We think it looks pretty "modern, sophisticated, and sleek."The lovely Christmas tree! we put ALL our ornaments on the tree, hopefully it doesn't topple over from the weight. The mantle is decorated and the top of our entertainment center.

YEAH for Christmas!