Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You do the math...


1 person has the stomach flu...
who comes in contact with 13 people staying at one house...
who get together with 17 other family members at a Christmas Eve party?


(All within a 24 hour period)0
8 of the 13 people in the house get sick AND then recover,
10 of the 17 people at the Christmas Eve party get sick,
TOTALING 18 sick.

Thanks to my sister Hannah for being that 1 person to start it all. We love you. haha. (we were all better quickly, by the way). Here's to family, love, and sharing.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Braxton Hicks

So, I finally realized this Saturday that it isn't my baby getting in slightly uncomfortable positions in my belly...I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions. Now, that I know I'm having BR contractions, I've been analyzing them...

???Am I having too many...how long have I been having them...how long do they last...how many per hour...is this normal...can I still run...should I call my doctor...do they happen more when I run...Is that okay???

The thing that keeps me calm is that they do not hurt at ALL, just a slight tightening. I'm realizing that I've been having them for a couple weeks. I guess my body is just getting ready for what it's gonna have to do in 9 WEEKS. AGHHHH...

PS I got a 3D ultrasound of my baby and he is stinkin' cute. Mike keeps saying to me now, "I want to hold my baby Colton!" He'll just have to wait 9 more weeks :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh the weather outside

...is frightful.
AND I LOVE IT. Welcome to Las Vegas. Welcome to my winter wonderland. It snowed here on Monday and we got 3 inches at our house. Today we had a winter storm warning and so my boss let me go home a little early to beat the storm. We are supposed to get 3-6 inches by the time it's over.

1) Our snow covered house
2) Our tree that CANNOT withstand the snow and insists on making this awesome U shape3) Our baby snowman (Sorry Colton, he'll have to replace you until you get here)4) Mike STILL golfing in the back yard (see video)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I present to you...

...the pictures from the UGLY SWEATER party Mike and I attended this weekend. What a perfect way to bring in the Christmas cheer... with a bunch of hideously dressed friends.

If you are wondering what an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party is...it is JUST that. A party where you wear ugly sweaters. Thanks DI!

Mike's outfit: Complete with Mr. Rogers sweater, high water lightweight tweed pants, and payless Adidas imitation sneakers.
Angela's outfit: Complete with leggings, puke green sweatshirt sporting red and gold bows WITH a fake turtleneck collar, and red hair ribbon to tie together the whole outfit.

Me and some of the girls (the panda purple sweater won ugliest for the girls)
Mike and I helped Matt (the guy to Mike's left) pick out his sweater. He realized half way through the night that it was a WOMEN's sweater.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby Shower Fun

(cute bag my mother-in-law got me!)
Over Thanksgiving break I had a baby shower with my family in Utah. I have to say I have the best family AND I married into the best family. It's quite a good combo. Here are the highlights of the shower in pictures.

1) Colton got a JUMPEROO: This is Mike's favorite since he feels it will help baby Colton develop his "hops" (jumping ability)

2) Colton Quilt: My talented cousin made this and we tied it at the shower. The colors just happen to work perfectly in my house!

3) Golf socks: Yes, these socks look like little golf shoes with socks. They are all the trendy baby rage in LA. Now all Colton needs is the little knickers and hat and he'll be set as a golfer :) Thanks Becs.
4) Family: Thanks to Aunt Katie for hosting the shower and for everyone for coming. If you are not pictured below but came...it's probably because I felt like I looked a little pregnant round-faced...so, don't be offended :) (It was great to see you Aunt Susie, Sarah and Amy!) Thanks for all your generosity!
5) Colton himself: Of course Colton was a highlight, the shower was ALL about him. Speaking of Colton, look how big he's getting!
PS sorry all my posts are about my pregnancy...unless you want to hear about work, future baby Colton is pretty much my life right now :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things I learned from...


1. Women love to vent, and men are squeamish

2. 80s pregnancy videos are the best (especially when they involve pregnant women in over sized overalls with Winnie the Pooh T-shirts, and men in all black with cross necklaces and mullets.

3. Rolling pin. When preparing for the hospital, pack a bag and make sure to include items such as a change of clothes, baby outfit, ROLLING pin...wait, ROLLING PIN? Yes, the video told us to pack a rolling pin.

4. If you attend childbirth class at 26 weeks, you are a dork! All 12 other couples were in their last month of pregnancy. That's what I get for being a planner :)

5. Slow dance for relaxation technique. According to the video, "a great way to relax is to sway. You can slow dance with your partner to your favorite song." Riiiiiiggggghhhhht, I'm gonna do that during labor.

6. Mike doesn't know a lot about woman stuff.

Mike: "Labor is seriously more than 12 hours? Are you sure? I thought it was like 4..."

7. Funny joke. After listening to the video say "the baby then navigates through the birth canal, which is S shaped" it then proceed to show the baby impossibly fitting through this S shaped thing.

Mike responded to this with, "haha...okay, that's a funny joke God..."

8. Warning message. Videos should REALLY consider putting a warning message right before the actual birth of the baby. Yikes!

9. Mike is going to pass out during the delivery. While watching the delivery section of the video, I looked at Mike and he face was a little white and he was breathing really deeply and slowly opening and closing his eyes. I really thought he was going to faint...and it was just the video!

I hope you found this childbirth lesson very informational! Stay tuned for highlights from next weeks last childbirth class session...

Addition: People have been asking about the purpose of the rolling pin. I believe it is meant to be used for "massage" purposes. "Massage" was one of the relaxation techniques they gave :)

Friday, November 14, 2008


Seriously...buying a stroller shouldn't be this difficult. These are all the different issues I'm having finding the perfect stroller:

1) I want a running stroller, but I also want a stroller I could use for normal things

2) Running strollers usually have a front wheel that is locked, making it impossible for easy maneuvering for "normal things"

3) If you get the running stroller with the swivel front wheel option, you can do "normal things" but it costs tons more

4) Running strollers overall cost a lot more than normal strollers

5) Why would they have "jogging strollers" that people in the reviews say they "aren't meant for jogging, but more for walks"

6) If I get a nice stroller now, what do I do once I have another child. ..Just leave the older one at home?

7) Do I buy a double stroller now so I won't just have to buy another one in a few years?

8) What if my child hates running with me and this is all just a waste of money...

Any suggestions for good front swivel wheel jogging strollers under $250? Brand names?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And the name is...

Colton Daniel Rose

Colton because we like it.
Daniel because that's my dad's name (and oldest brother's name)
Rose because he's stuck with that one :)

I'm pretty sure with a name like that, little Colton has GOT to be the cutest, most handsome, talented and cool kid! Hope you like it. If you don't, just pretend you do. You'll get used to it eventually and then love it :)

Less than 4 months left until our little Colton joins us.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

the shocking...


(In case anyone has been wondering, the lady that was always "shocked" at my belly no longer works at our company, and so I no longer have gotten surprised remarks from her about how abnormally large my belly is. haha. No, I had no part in her leaving the company.)

23 weeks prego.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm in love...

...with San Diego AND Mike :)Mike and I just got back from our 5 day babymoon in San Diego. (confused by the term "babymoon"? It means LAST CHANCE to have a vacation before your life gets turned upside down by a darling baby)

Mike and I stayed in La Jolla and enjoyed every moment of it. Here are the highlights:

1) WICKED. Seriously amazing. I've been singing the songs ever since, I may even paint my face green for Halloween now. Emerald city anyone?
2) Sea World. Those whales sure can splash! Our favorite was all the little penguins in the Arctic Zone and the sharks...yikes I wouldn't want to be caught in the ocean with those.

(above: me imitating the cow...since I'm prego and somewhat resembling a cow now. haha)

3) Golf. Mike played (and I caddied) Torrey Pines and it was beautiful...right in the ocean. We missed Tiger by one day (he was there the day after us).
Down side: a bird STOLE MY GRANOLA BAR right out from our cart. Mike chased after it until realizing there wasn't much yelling at it would do. Stealing a pregnant woman's food...that's just mean...
4) San Diego Harbor Dinner Cruise. We enjoyed a night on the harbor looking at the ships, bridges and cityscape. The food was great too!
5) Walks along secluded beaches. Mike and I found this beach and we were seriously the only ones there. It was gorgeous.
6) La Jolla Cove. My favorite part about the cove was the sea lions that just chilled on the rocks and barked non-stop.
7) Beaches and pools...relaxing. It's almost October and we still managed to spend an afternoon at the beach and multiple naps by the pool. I also scheduled an hour long massage for Saturday morning as a spa. ahhh..relaxing.
8) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE. Mike turned the big 24 on Saturday! Happy birthday Mike.
9) Food...mainly Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Best steak ever. Seriously. And I am a huge steak fan, so I would know. Also, best WATER EVER. haha. This guy came out with a wine bottle looking water and we felt pressured to get it. Best $8 bottle of water ever :)

Thanks to Gordon & Sharon and my mom and dad for the birthday presents which made the trip possible and spectacular. and thanks to my wonderful husband for the best week ever. We are so excited for our future little addition, but it was nice to spend some time together before he arrives. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Yes, I wore a jacket tonight for the first time.

This is a big day for me as I live in Las Vegas and haven't worn a jacket in about 10 months!

I LOVE needing to wear jackets. I think I might go all out now with the whole fall/winter thing...I'm thinking hot chocolate, blankets, coziness, walks, open windows and pumpkin patches.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My obsession

My obsession right now?


That's right, pumpkin. Don't ask me why I LOVE pumpkin, but only in the Fall. I should really starting eating it all year long. Oh well. "Pumpkin what," you may ask. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, pumpkin pie...pumpkin anything!

I made some pumpkin choco chip cookies last weekend and probably have eaten about 2 dozen myself. mmmm...

Anyone have any great pumpkin recipes to share (preferably involving chocolate somehow)?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's A....

We are carrying on the Rose family tradition of having a...

The Rose name lives on. Mike's first response to me was "Are you mad at me?" (since Roses only have boys). Then he responded with "He's going to be a PGA Tour golfer!" He also analyzed the ultrasound pictures and has decided that it looks like he has a nice, strong, athletic build. haha.

We are so excited for our little buddy. Cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and sports...here we come!
PS Baby looks good and everything measured perfectly.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tick tock...

4 days...and counting until we find out if we are having a

little Mike (BOY)

or...a little Angela (GIRL)

I think it's a girl. Mike thinks it's a boy. We'd be thrilled with either!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are you serious with me?

Here's the story (picture BELOW story for SHOCKING suspense):

Background: A woman in my office feels the need to tell me on a weekly basis that she is "surprised" with how much I'm showing already. This started about a month ago and since then, the EXACT same conversation has taken place approximately 4 times....until TODAY when it happened a 5th time, but with a different reaction on my part. Typical convo goes as follows:

Woman: "Wow, you're showing"
Angela: "Yeah, I know...how fun!"
Woman: "I'm surprised at how much you are showing already though" *spoken not rudely, but with genuine concern, absolute wonder, and complete puzzlement (a word?) at how this could possibly be.
Woman still puzzled: "hmm...I didn't show at all until I was 6 months pregnant."
Angela: "Wow, that's pretty late to show" (hinting I'm TOTALLY normal and not concerned by my growth thus far)
Woman trying to resolve utter confusion with my huge belly: "Well, I was tiny though" (as in that's why she showed so late and that it's a way different situation from mine)

These exact same phrases have been said to me 4 times, with every time I see her. So yesterday, when she walked by...lo and behold, the same convo started up...but with a different reaction from me.

Woman: "Wow, you're showing"
Angela: "yep"
Woman: "How far along are you?"
Angela: "Pretty far...I'm 17 weeks" (I LOVE showing...I've waited 17 weeks for my little belly :) )
Woman: "That's not very far...I'm surprised you're showing that much...I didn't show till I was 6 months..."
Angela interjecting since I couldn't believe this convo was happening AGAIN: "Yes, I know...you let me know every week how surprised you are that I'm showing so much. Apparently I'm a fat A" *my hand up in the air like "oh well" (for your knowledge, I didn't use the A word...I really just said 'A') Yikes, watch out for pregnant Angela!

Here's the belly. Are you shocked? Maybe you should be. haha.

Note: If you were really shocked the first time you saw my belly...wouldn't you have just ACCEPTED it by the next 4 times so that it wouldn't shock you with every subsequent viewing?

Disclaimer: Don't worry, I'm not paranoid about my belly. I feel like I am progressing at a very normal rate and am content.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gold Medal Performance?

So, tonight was our Quarterly Relief Society Enrichment Activity for church and we put on a Talent Show. As part of the Enrichment Committee, we decided we TOO were going to participate in the Talent Show...what did we decide to do you ask?
With the recent amazing Olympics...we decided we'd do a

Synchronized swimming routine (complete with blue tarp for the water). Costumes included bikini's outside our shirts and swim caps.

ENJOY! (I'm second from the left)

Funny note: I was also the MC for tonight's Talent Show. Right before our skit I realized I hadn't given anyone the camera to record, so as part of my announcement of our act I added "and...I have to have someone record this...because this is going to make a great blog" and I handed the camera to a random person :) I'm a dork.

Go blogs!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The "bump"

For all of you who requested an updated picture of me, including the belly, here it is! There is INDEED a little bump and I officially am uncomfortable in all my old clothes. No seriously, I am busting out of these jeans. haha.

Let the count down begin.

In 3 weeks, Sept 30 we find out if we are having a BOY or GIRL!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cheese anyone?

This labor day weekend, Mike and I and the whole Rose clan gathered in Wisconsin. Why Wisconsin you ask? Well, Mike's brother just started school at Wisconsin (getting his MBA) and Mike's little brother got home from a mission so we thought it was a great excuse to get together.
It's true what people think about Wisconsin. Cheese. But added to that list is also Frozen Custard, Bratts and beer. The cheese and Bratts were pretty good, but the beer was average. JUST KIDDING (we didn't drink beer). Yes, pretty much a guaranteed disaster to your waistline :). Mike and I were pleasantly surprised with how pretty it was and enjoyed looking at all the pretty lakes.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

1)Trip to see some pretty gardens
2)The mustard museum: Yes folks, who ever knew such a wonderful place existed. Now, if I only liked mustard.... (I have a cold in the below pic, gimmie a break!)
3) Food :) Dinner at Outback...well, I ate dinner while Mike picked up pine cones with 2 year old Jackson outside the restaurant since Jackson wasn't so into sitting :)
4)Playing games with the fam

5)Holding 2 month old Bennett...well I kept trying to hold him, but Mike kept on stealing him away from me
6) A jazz music lesson from return missionary, and drum extraordinaire, Jordan Rose

We had a blast! Thanks Greg and Heidi for letting us come visit! We miss you guys.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hooray! ...and more.

Hooray, I went running yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks. I am happy to have exercise a part of my life again! More than that though, I'm happy and have enough energy to even want to exercise.

The jokes from the guys at work are continually increasing in frequency and in obnoxiousness. haha. Here are the things that have been said to me this week by my friendly male employees.

ring ring *phone
Angela: "Hello?"
Unnamed male boss: "Angela, can you come waddle over to my office real fast?"
Angela: "Can I what...?!"

Unnamed male boss: "Angela, here is a flyer for a UNLV women's football camp. You should go since you are going to be the size of a football player soon."

Unnamed male boss: "We should have an office poll to see how much weight you gain!"
Angela: "No, not a good idea. You better hope I'm the cutest pregnant person or these jokes aren't going to be funny in a few months."

Angela: "Ugh, I have to go to the bathroom again. You have to go a lot when you are pregnant."
Unnamed male employee: "It's all mental."
Angela: "I'm not saying I'm sick or tired...I'm saying I need to go to the bathroom. Mental?"

Unnamed male boss: "Wow, you are totally huge. You are really showing"
(reality check: I have a tiny bump, I've gained a total of 4 lbs)
Angela fires back: "Really, umm...how about you turn to the side so I can see your profile. I'm pretty sure your stomach looks more pregnant than my 3 MONTH PREGNANT STOMACH."

Nice one huh? haha. He deserved it. Don't worry. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let the comments begin

I'm pregnant, therefore people have started to say weird things to me.

I've officially been told that my face looks "pregnant." In the exact words of my coworker, "Your face looks pregnant. Not like you are fat...you were too skinny before though, so it's not bad."

Umm...that sounds to me like you are saying my face looks fatter...no sugar coating that.

Feel free to comment on how that is a silly comment, but NOT if you agree with it or not. The picture right below is me 3 weeks ago, the one below that is this VERY moment. Oh well. Just call me Pregnant Face. (Yes I purposefully made the below picture smaller in case you are actually sitting there going..."hmm...maybe she IS a fat face. Not sure though cause the pic of small" Don't even think about enlarging it :) )

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Updates on baby, trips and life

I've been keeping busy the past few weeks. Here are some of the highlights.
FIRST, and most importantly...the baby is doing well and I am 11 weeks along. I had an appointment yesterday and got to see the little (4 cm long) squirt move it's little hand up and down by its face. I think it was waving to me :) Also, starting 1 week ago (at 10 weeks) I have stopped feeling sick (mostly). Wow. Seriously, not being nauseous is the BEST. I have even started having food dreams. Yes, let the crazy pregnancy dreams begin. My favorite one included everyone in my office bringing me cupcakes and giant cookies because they thought it was my birthday! Heck yeah. Once they found out it wasn't my bday, they started eating all of them. I wasn't happy.

Breaking Dawn. This brings me on to my next topic...Breaking Dawn...which is slightly confusing for me to ready since I keep confusing things in the book with my life. If you have read the book, then you can see the similarities from the first half. haha. I keep waking up and telling myself, "okay, no I'm not married to a vampire."

Rose Family Reunion. In Oakley, UT near Park City at an awesome cabin. We had so much fun with the cowboy theme and enjoyed seeing family. Below is a picture of me after riding in Mike's dust on the ATVs.

This is a pic of Mike on the 5th story roof where there's a hottub!
CA trip. Last weekend Mike and I went to Valencia and Newport to visit my sister and her darling family (today is her due date...c'mon baby!). We had a beach day on Saturday, which was very needed. The waves we were awesome and so were my body boarding and body surfing skills. So much fun.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Dinner Disaster

So, now that everyone knows I'm pregnant...I'll just admit that I am so tired and Mike is totally having to pick up the slack around the house including: making dinner. (look, it makes me feel sick to cook alright?) So, here is a dinner story from this week:

On the menu for this past Tuesday night was:

Before I get home Mike puts the lasagna in the oven and we wait until 6:30 to take it out. When he goes to take it out I start hearing Mike yell "help!" and I hear all this sizzling. (Note: Mike forgot to put the lasagna on a pan, so it collapsed in the middle, spilling all the contents on to the floor of the oven)

I, surprisingly since I don't do quick movements these days, ran over to Mike to see what was happening. Once I determined that he was NOT burned (check) I looked to see an ENTIRE PARTY size (not family, PARTY) of lasagna on the BOTTOM of the oven.

Mike: "Hurry, get a spatula. Salvage some of the lasagna on the bottom of the oven so we can eat something for dinner"
(Angela and Mike trying to scoop some of the sizzling lasagna off scorching oven floor)
Angela: just hysterically laughing...
After salvaging enough for a little dinner...
Angela: "okay, just close the oven until it cools, then we'll clean it"
(Mike attempts to close oven door and noodles are totally oozing and squishing in the door preventing it from closing)

I was seriously crying I was laughing so hard.

It took both me and Mike cleaning for 45 mins to clean it all up, but it was worth it for the laugh.

Thanks Mike for being such a good husband to me while I'm lame and making me dinner. You are the best!!